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Latest Comments
Re: The Odds Maker
01/26/15 03:43:52PM
By: The TrueVulgarians

Your songs are always very unique and surprising. The vocals always stand out like you're delivering a life lesson and are distinct from the music, which is first rate. What are the odds I...

Re: I'm So In Love...
01/26/15 03:41:21PM
By: JimmyDeanBrooks

HEY TV< > Thanks Buddy, You Rock My Friend. JDB !!

Re: Sayin' Goodbye
01/26/15 03:37:39PM
By: The TrueVulgarians

Very cool song. Being a bit of a jerk myself, I can relate... lol Clever lyrics and a nice smooth delivery of the song. Could be the next Kauffman classic! Nice job Ron!

Re: I'm So In Love...
01/26/15 03:33:20PM
By: The TrueVulgarians

A real toe-tapper for sure. It's got that swing! Excellent work by everyone involved. Congrats!

Re: The Power of Sax
01/26/15 02:02:11PM
By: lodato

Funk driven rhythm is unrelenting in a very hip way. Love the Spanish guitar and those keys gettin their share of the dig it. Brass is loose and swings so deep one must move with the beat. Dang...

Farrell Jackson
Re: Barriers
01/26/15 10:42:06AM
By: Farrell Jackson

A very different percussion and rhythm track Lodato but it works well with the melody and lyric. Some very deep and personal words that I'm sure are much deeper than the listen can comprehend. Well...

Bubba R
Re: Short-term Fantasy
01/26/15 09:07:29AM
By: BobbyGO1CR

great Lyrics and vocals my friend as always

Lyrical Princess
Re: No Reason Blues
01/26/15 01:46:56AM
By: Lyrical Princess

I really like the instrumental. Nice bluesy lyric too. I've enjoyed my listen. Thanks for sharing :) Very nice!!! All The Best, LP

Lyrical Princess
Re: Find A Way
01/26/15 01:36:03AM
By: Lyrical Princess

Very touching. Love, love, love the lyric!! Sad, but a wonderful track. Brought a tear to my eye. Nicely done! Congratulations on AOTM !! Well deserved :) All The Best, LP

Lyrical Princess
Re: Sayin' Goodbye
01/26/15 01:20:54AM
By: Lyrical Princess

Ron, this song is sad with a twist.. The name calling made me giggle.. I always enjoy reading your lyrics. There's a truth in most of them, that a few of us can relate to. I admit it, I can be a...

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You're No Longer the New Guy

12/29/14 05:48:52AM, by GoldFather

Blue October

12/29/14 06:06:39AM, by GoldFather

Happy Holidays to all 'Mixers!!

12/23/14 06:19:23PM, by SG

Mixposure Holiday Song Submissions

11/23/13 07:23:54PM, by Dazed
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01/26/15 12:00:00AM
By: Jims Artificial Earth  Tag: MixRadio

brand new track from BigPete -...

01/26/15 12:00:00AM
By: BigPete  Tag: Brand new Funk, Jazz, Latin, Soul Fusion Track From BigPete

Short-term Fantasy by The...

01/24/15 12:00:00AM
By: The TrueVulgarians  Tag: A Reason to Walk in the Rain

Mixposure 2014 Music Award Polls...

01/20/15 12:00:00AM
By: Admin  Tag: News

"Evils!" The Video

01/20/15 12:00:00AM
By: Jims Artificial Earth  Tag: video

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01/26/15 04:16:25PM

The Power of Sax

01/26/15 08:35:09AM
By: BigPete


01/26/15 08:17:58AM
By: lodato

0 To 100 Freestyle

01/25/15 07:11:23PM
By: TreBarz

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A Evening of Southern Rock With Dan Lawson, Michael Allman and Charles Neville with Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood

A Evening of Southern Rock...

01/17/15 8pm
The Tupelo Music Hall 1...

New Years Eve 2015 with "The Dan Lawson Band" at "Uncle Eddie's Oceanside"  in Salisbury Beach Ma.

New Years Eve 2015 with...

12/31/14 8pm
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New Years Eve: Newton First Nite

New Years Eve: Newton First...

12/31/14 8pm
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Electro Live

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By Admin
Tag: News

Mixposure 2014 Music Award Polls Are Up!

The Award Polls are now open! Keep in mind that we will no longer allows entries after March 28th. We will then keep the poll open for another week so you can listen to all entries!!

Mixposure 2014 Songwriting Music Award Poll

Mixposure 2014 Rock Music Award Poll

Mixposure 2014 Country Music Award Poll

Mixposure 2014 Blues Music Award Poll

By Admin
Tag: News

Mixposure 2014 Music Awards

Welcome to the Mixposure.com 2014 Music Awards. There will be 4 categories this year. These are Best Country Song, Best Rock Song, Best Blues Song and Best Songwriter of 2014. 

The songwriting competition is open to all indie artists as well as working artists who want to be heard, recognized, and rewarded for their songwriting talent.  There will be one award issued for this category and all genres of music are accepted.

Please post any questions you have!

The Rules:

1. You must be a member of Mixposure.com to enter or vote

2. One song per genre per artist. Let's avoid crossovers everyone. If it is close to multiple genres, pick one genre only. 

3. Voting is by registered Mixposure Members. One vote per person per genre. We have it locked down by ip/user. (more on this coming soon!)

4. Anyone found cheating will have all songs entered removed. (this is for fun people, if you need to cheat, something is seriously wrong with you!) 

5. All songs must be from 2014. Please do not submit tunes from a few years back. We want to recognize songs from the prior year only.

6. No covers!!!

7. The winners will receive a Trophy and will be featured on Mixposure.comas well as Social Media sites

8. All songs will be played by the Mixposure.com DJ's on their shows (genre conditional on some shows)

9. The contest starts January 17th and will end on March 28th, 2015

10. Voting information wil be posted soon

11. Mixposure reserves the right to modify the rules at any given time with or without notification.  

How To Enter:
Entering the contest is very easy. Just upload your song as you normally would. Please use a Genre as follows:

By Barefoot Music
Tag: News

2015 DJ Schedule Update & New Shows

Happy New Year!! We welcome the return of Daddy Rabbit and his "Rabbit Tracks" to Friday evenings, AND to DJ Luscious with her new show; "All Things Drum & Bass on Saturday. Times below.

The 2015 DJ Schedule is also available under the Radio tab.

By Admin
Tag: News

Joe Cocker

I know everyone was a bit busy with the Holidays but I did not want to let this Joe Cocker's passing go unnoticed.  Talk about an amazing musician. What a talent.

JOE COCKER -With A Little Help From My Friends- 1969 Woodstock..

Joe Cocker - You are so beautiful (nearly unplugged)

Joe Cocker - You Can Leave Your Hat On (LIVE in Dortmund) HD

Joe Cocker - Ain't No Sunshine

 / 212
Mixstream Radio


By Jims Artificial Earth, 2015-01-26

Independent music, an open bar policy in the chatroom, and two psychotic DJ's! what's not to like? 8 PM EST tonight on Mixposure and Mixstream Radio... :) 


Posted in: MixRadio | 0 comments
Premium Blogs

By BigPete
Tag: Brand new Funk, Jazz, Latin, Soul Fusion Track From BigPete

brand new track from BigPete - Funk, Jazz, Latin, Soul Fusion

brand new track from BigPete - Funk, Jazz, Latin, Soul Fusion

A brand new Funk, Jazz, Latin Soul Fusion from track in the BigPete 


By The TrueVulgarians
Tag: A Reason to Walk in the Rain

Short-term Fantasy by The TrueVulgarians

Short-term Fantasy by The TrueVulgarians

Pleased to announce the release of our latest song, "Short-term Fantasy", a real life story about two people meeting in a bar from our album, "A Reason to Walk in the Rain".  Hope all of you enjoy it.  Music, lyrics, performance and production by Bill Thompson  Check it out on our artist page. 

By Sam Houston
Tag: Music

New Song

I uploaded a new song called "Cry In The Night". Please give it a listen if you get a chance.

Cry In The Night

By Farrell Jackson
Tag: A song for Mix2014SongwritingMusicAward

Spider Monkey Love (Farrell and Kari)

Spider Monkey Love (Farrell and Kari)

This is a collaboration from 2014. Kari/Redler created the music and asked for lyric and vocal additions. The subject was to be monkeys so I wrote these simple, innocent and playful  lyric. Then found a melody to match. Since Kari's guitar work is excellent here, the instrumentation and production was kept to a minimum in the singer/songwriter style. To my ears, it works very well.

Kari/Redler - all music. Farrell Jackson - all vocals and lyric. Spider Monkey Love (Farrell and Kari)

 / 25