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Latest Comments
Michael Stone
Re: I Wish I Could Fly
04/01/15 07:04:06PM
By: Michael Stone

Thanks Doug .....

Doug Dickens
Re: I Wish I Could Fly
04/01/15 06:32:44PM
By: Doug Dickens

Really fine Michael. You sure do have one fine set of pipes. Love the lyric.

Doug Dickens
Re: The Man in the...
04/01/15 06:28:39PM
By: Doug Dickens

Such a pleasant trip ... great guitar and a real fine production.

Lyrical Princess
Re: Ashes
04/01/15 02:04:32PM
By: Lyrical Princess

Thank you so much ,Farrell. We appreciate your kind words :)

Lyrical Princess
Re: Ashes - Featuring...
04/01/15 01:50:42PM
By: Lyrical Princess

On behalf of Brian and myself, I would like to thank you all for your wonderful comments. It means a lot to us that you enjoy our song. You're all an inspiration to me. Thank you so much!! :)

Mister B
Re: teach yourself...
04/01/15 01:32:06PM
By: Brian Brooks

Nice one mate! Miles of smiles… :)

Re: As The Morning Comes
04/01/15 12:16:40PM

I get what you are saying Vig. I suck at writing lyrics lol. I may get a few words here and there but honestly I am a music writer. It is easier for me to write a song about how I feel than to...

Rusty James-Tsargoth
Re: Let It Shine
04/01/15 12:06:26PM
By: Rusty James-TSARGOTH

Thanks T. V. I didn't know what genre it really fits. I would call it's genre "Redneck Reggae Swamp Blues", but figured that might offend any reggae-hating rednecks, lol. I guess it is sort of a...

Re: The Man in the...
04/01/15 08:03:32AM
By: Mach

I really dig Martyn's jazzy Live version of this tune. Brian you have taken a cool number and made it your own. Great Job! Mach

Re: As The Morning Comes
04/01/15 07:15:57AM
By: Vig Wig

Sometime I have to hear words to get tuned in and turned on by a song. One time I was challenged to describe in words what one of my instrumentals was saying to me. Thus was created the words to...

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Farrell Jackson


11/01/13 10:32:21AM, by Farrell Jackson
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Welcome to Mixposure everyone! Please enjoy the great music here!

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The final Rabbit Tracks 8pm Friday

04/02/15 12:00:00AM
By: Gene Smith  Tag: Upcoming

Nerd Girls by The TrueVulgarians

03/30/15 12:00:00AM
By: The TrueVulgarians  Tag: Our newest release!

ready 4 a collab

03/29/15 12:00:00AM
By: elektronz  Tag: 


03/28/15 05:00:00PM
By: Lyrical Princess  Tag: Site Collaborations

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By Admin
Tag: News


Hey Everyone!

Just a quick reminder that you can get your friends, co-workers, family etc. to vote for your music in the 2014 Mixposure Music Awards. It is an easy signup with Facebook! 



By Admin
Tag: News

Mixposure 2014 Music Award Polls Are Up!

The Award Polls are now open! Keep in mind that we will no longer allows entries after March 28th. We will then keep the poll open for another week so you can listen to all entries!!

Mixposure 2014 Songwriting Music Award Poll

Mixposure 2014 Rock Music Award Poll

Mixposure 2014 Country Music Award Poll

Mixposure 2014 Blues Music Award Poll

By Admin
Tag: News

Mixposure 2014 Music Awards

Welcome to the Mixposure.com 2014 Music Awards. There will be 4 categories this year. These are Best Country Song, Best Rock Song, Best Blues Song and Best Songwriter of 2014. 

The songwriting competition is open to all indie artists as well as working artists who want to be heard, recognized, and rewarded for their songwriting talent.  There will be one award issued for this category and all genres of music are accepted.

Please post any questions you have!

The Rules:

1. You must be a member of Mixposure.com to enter or vote

2. One song per genre per artist. Let's avoid crossovers everyone. If it is close to multiple genres, pick one genre only. 

3. Voting is by registered Mixposure Members. One vote per person per genre. We have it locked down by ip/user. (more on this coming soon!)

4. Anyone found cheating will have all songs entered removed. (this is for fun people, if you need to cheat, something is seriously wrong with you!) 

5. All songs must be from 2014. Please do not submit tunes from a few years back. We want to recognize songs from the prior year only.

6. No covers!!!

7. The winners will receive a Trophy and will be featured on Mixposure.comas well as Social Media sites

8. All songs will be played by the Mixposure.com DJ's on their shows (genre conditional on some shows)

9. The contest starts January 17th and will end on March 28th, 2015

10. Voting information wil be posted soon

11. Mixposure reserves the right to modify the rules at any given time with or without notification.  

How To Enter:
Entering the contest is very easy. Just upload your song as you normally would. Please use a Genre as follows:

By Barefoot Music
Tag: News

2015 DJ Schedule Update & New Shows

Happy New Year!! We welcome the return of Daddy Rabbit and his "Rabbit Tracks" to Friday evenings, AND to DJ Luscious with her new show; "All Things Drum & Bass on Saturday. Times below.

The 2015 DJ Schedule is also available under the Radio tab.

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Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

By Otto DJ, 2015-01-01
Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air to provide you a continuous stream of amazing Mixxposure.com Artists!

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By Gene Smith
Tag: Upcoming

The final Rabbit Tracks 8pm Friday

By The TrueVulgarians
Tag: Our newest release!

Nerd Girls by The TrueVulgarians

Check out our new release, Nerd Girls, music and lyrics by Bill Thompson who played acoustic guitar and sang lead vocal.  Jacki Grapentine on backup vocal.  Hope you guys enjoy it.

By elektronz

ready 4 a collab

ready 4 a collab

yep think its about time i got spockerized with a few peeps on here ....a melding of the minds ,,,a joining of the cereberal cortex thingy ,,so if you want to eiither a) collab on a joint venture or 12) send me some stuff so i can do things with it then drop me vulcan death grip at mundo17@17mundo.fsnet.co.uk and lets get prosperous or whatever ...YOUR NAME ...IS JIM !!!   :D

By Lyrical Princess
Tag: Site Collaborations




It has been with great pleasure and a true honor to work with the very talented Brian Brooks on our first collaboration.

His musicianship truly amazes me. "Ashes" was co-written between the two of us. Believe me when I say, he did my words a world of justice by adding some of his own words.

vocals, music & production by Brian Brooks

We are very excited to announce our New song & hope that you will take just a few moments of your time to listen . Please let us know what you think..

We hope you Enjoy!!

Ashes - Featuring Brian Brooks


Thank you,

Linda and Brian



 / 26