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Latest Comments
Jims Artificial Earth
05/27/15 11:15:26PM
By: Jims Artificial...

Don't be stunned. We picked you because you make great music, Mike. And I really need to get time to interview you. I think it would be a lot of fun!

Jims Artificial Earth
Re: Calling all...
05/27/15 11:12:56PM
By: Jims Artificial...

And you know, the cool thing about our site is this: it really is free. We do not ask for money, not even donations. And you can park 3 songs here for free. To be played on the radio, you have only...

Doug Dickens
Re: Calling all...
05/27/15 04:13:23PM
By: Doug Dickens

Good idea Maurice

Re: Calling all...
05/27/15 01:11:29PM
By: Vig Wig


Jims Artificial Earth
Re: Getting it Wrong...
05/27/15 12:31:21PM
By: Jims Artificial...

This has such a great guitar-rock vibe. Ian's voice sits in the mix nicely and confidently. The guitar work is right on the money, and I can tell he's having a blast with this one. It's so cool to...

Jims Artificial Earth
Re: Devils Step
05/27/15 12:28:38PM
By: Jims Artificial...

Crazy cool, Kerrin! This glitchy stuff is so much fun!

Jims Artificial Earth
Re: Leave This Now...
05/27/15 12:27:59PM
By: Jims Artificial...

This is a fine track, Joe. The lyrics get right to the soul, and the acoustic and vocals are awesome!

Re: Calling all...
05/27/15 02:52:56AM
By: elektronz

you really wanna hear me on a promo say todge !!! lolol

05/26/15 10:53:01PM
By: Admin


Barefoot Baroness
Re: Calling all...
05/26/15 05:26:00PM
By: Barefoot Music

I like how this has the potential of involving our listeners, despite whether they are musios or not.

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Jims Artificial Earth

Jims Artificial Earth

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Doug Dickens

Doug Dickens

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Vig Wig

Vig Wig

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Alison Reynolds

New Kid!

04/23/15 09:22:14AM, by Alison Reynolds
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11/01/13 10:32:21AM, by Farrell Jackson

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04/12/15 08:30:45AM, by Stickman
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Welcome to Mixposure everyone! Please enjoy the great music here!

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Calling all Artists and Listeners

05/25/15 12:00:00AM
By: EBS  Tag: 


05/24/15 12:00:00AM
By: JMO  Tag: 

DJ Summer Schedule

05/22/15 12:00:00AM
By: Barefoot Music  Tag: Mixschedule


05/22/15 12:00:00AM
By: Jims Artificial Earth  Tag: Happy Birthday

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Bud's 60th Birthday Rockin Blues Party

Bud's 60th Birthday Rockin...

09/17/15 12am
Queens Hotel in Nanaimo

Aloha Maui Mixed Plate Music Video Fest

Aloha Maui Mixed Plate...

05/15/15 7pm

Teezer is LIVE!!!

Teezer is LIVE!!!

05/02/15 9pm
Carrollton Eagles Club -...

WORLD5 are guests on the JIMMY STAR SHOW,

WORLD5 are guests on the...

02/11/15 5pm
Wellington, Florida

A Evening of Southern Rock With Dan Lawson, Michael Allman and Charles Neville with Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood

A Evening of Southern Rock...

01/17/15 9pm
The Tupelo Music Hall 1...

Site News

By Admin
Tag: News

Next Site Song

We are due for a new Mixposure Site Song. I am thinking a Same Song Title Madness. What do you guys think? 

By Admin
Tag: News

2014 Music Award Winners!

Congratulations to our 2014 Mixposure.com Music Award Winners!!

Rock - BUSTED (BY) Johnny Gray, Tatiana Para, Alfredo Dias Gomes, Rich Knoop, and Jimmy Dean Brooks

Country - Open My Eyes (David C Deal, Pete Tebar and  David Coonrod) 

Blues - Heart Broke Blues - Rusty James-TSARGOTH

Songwriting - Smile - BAMIL

We will be getting the trophies made and will have sent out as soon as possible!


By Admin
Tag: News

Gino Goss - Will Be Featured on MixStream Radio! Details Coming Soon

Gino Goss - Will Be Featured on MixStream Radio! Details Coming Soon

ward winning Producer/Artist, Trumpeter, Latin percussionist Gino Goss decided in 2008 to embark on his own, forming Gino Goss and Jammajazz, producing a unique and exciting sound that is all his own. In 2009, he released is debut CD ALMOST FAMOUS to glowing reviews. Various cuts from this freshman CD can be heard globally.


Gino is currently in the studio working on his sophomore CD, having released nine singles from that CD, Funk It Up, award winning Kalimba Dreaming, award winning Night In Rio, award nominated Voodoo Magic and award winning Egyptian Drifter, award nominated Just Don't Want Another Broken Heart, Black Zulu, and Just Don't Want Another Broken Heart ~ The Remix and award winning Loosing My Way. As a producer Gino has featured vocalists from Brazil, Italy and India, as well as UK guitarist, on various tracks.


Gino's influences from some of the world’s greatest musicians, as well as his wide-ranging repertoire of pop, jazz, contemporary, R&B and world music has led him to create aesthetically rewarding performances which capture and accentuates the warmth, excitement, chemistry, and spontaneity of his shows.


This year, 2014, Gino has been honored with fourteen nominations in the genre categories of Jazz, Easy Listening and World Music at the 3rd Annual Indie Music Channel Awards held in Hollywood, CA.  Taking home the awards for Best Male Jazz Artist and Best Jazz Song for Loosing My Way .  In 2013, Gino was a ten time nominee of the Indie Music Channel Awards in Jazz category and five time nominee in World category. Taking home Best Jazz Song, Best Jazz Recording and Best Jazz Video for Kalimba Dreaming and Best Male World Artist for Egyptian Drifter. In 2012, Gino became a six time nominee and four time winner of Indie Music Channel Awards, including all genre Producer of the Year. 



Gino’s unique sound and style leaves you with a silky, sexy, smooth and mystical feeling.

By Admin
Tag: News


Hey Everyone!

Just a quick reminder that you can get your friends, co-workers, family etc. to vote for your music in the 2014 Mixposure Music Awards. It is an easy signup with Facebook! 



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Mixstream Radio

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

By Otto DJ, 2015-01-01
Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air to provide you a continuous stream of amazing Mixxposure.com Artists! Otto was born in a cave in the Andes, and was raised by a famiy of Alpacas. He made his first guitar from the bark of a rare Mixposure tree, and often serenaded the fabled Yeti with an impromptu version of Purple Haze, accompanied by a Unicorn. 

Posted in: MixRadio | 0 comments
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Calling all Artists and Listeners


Calling all Artists and Listeners!


We the DJ's are challenging all of the amazing Artists and Listeners of Mixposure and Mixstream Radio to make a Promo! It can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make it. From something as simple as "Your Name" and You are listening to MixStream Radio.... To an elaborate full blown production. If you can record the sound of your voice, you can make a promo. All promos will be put into rotation on the AutoDJ and I can guarantee you that most if not all of the DJ's will be playing them during their shows. I know that every single one I can get my hands on will become a regular part of my show. It's a great way to promote your band or just to show your support for MixStream Radio and Mixposure. Help us as DJ's promote you! Contact any DJ to send your promos or ask any questions you may have, and lets show the world that Mixposure has the most creative Artists, Listeners and Fans!

By Barefoot Music
Tag: Mixschedule

DJ Summer Schedule

Updated May 22, 2015

By Jims Artificial Earth
Tag: Happy Birthday


By Tommie Brewster

Coming Back To Life

Many of you will know of my struggle for life over the past several years and particularly in the last twelve months which have been the hardest ever and so many of you helped me get through all of that.  Arriving home from a long and difficult journey after surgery and treatment, I envisaged my immediate future would be recovery, but another setback put me back in yet another hospital needing more specialist treatment in order to survive.

By another miracle  - and I'm sure I have had more than my  fair share of these in my lifetime - I was given another chance at life and so here I am now home at last and taking baby steps back to wellness.

Since I was four years old, I have been playing and creating music and poetry, so to be away from any means of doing that for so long has been a very hard thing to deal with.  Now, after  over a year, I can play piano again and  get down to the business of recording the many songs written in my head and on bits of paper wherever I have been or whenever I could manage to do so over the past year or so. The music never stops after all. 

So life begins again for me, although by virtue of what I have experienced facing death for the second time in my life,  has given me yet again a different perspective and yes, life is very, very precious indeed.  Music and the ability to create it was given to me as a gift and I intend to use that gift as I always have, to create the best I am capable of.

Thankyou to all who have supported me here and out there in the world and especially to those of you who purchased my albums and helped me hit the top of the Blues & Roots chart in the US with both of those albums.  Album number three will be following on!! 

Before I left home for the long period of treatment, I recorded almost nine months of my Blues and my World music shows which are broadcast in the US, UK, Europe and New Zealand on many different radio networks.  It was important to me to keep those going and with the help of very special friends, all of my shows continued  without a break. Yesterday I was told that  the International Broadcasters Assoc. have awarded me the #1 place as a Global DJ for my show Blues At Midnight which  is broadcast four nights a week in the US.  I am so delighted to get this !!  I put out several blues shows  and this is only one of them, but it's thrilling to be recognised in this way.

Thanks for reading.  Life is good, is it not? 

 / 26