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Latest Comments
Farrell Jackson
Re: Waking Up Is Enough
09/03/15 10:32:00AM
By: Farrell Jackson

Good one Ron! Easy on the ears and easy on the mind. Farrell

Re: elektronz
09/03/15 10:01:11AM
By: Vig Wig

Thank you for your ind comment on my blog about equilibrium

Re: New Beginnings...
09/03/15 09:54:14AM
By: David C Deal

Thank you Jim.

Re: Vignesday has...
09/03/15 04:39:18AM
By: elektronz

ive been there matey ,,im now thx to meds myself back into a leveler more content way of life ,,i hope you achieve your balance soon pal :) ...the mix will be a better place for it :)

Re: The Paradox Pageant
09/02/15 11:55:31PM
By: Bob Ross

It was awesome to have you play on this David....you brought the track to another level bro. Can't thank you enough :)

Re: Waking Up Is Enough
09/02/15 11:29:13PM
By: David C Deal

Light hearted feel with an optimism which sounds good to me.

Re: The Paradox Pageant
09/02/15 11:26:00PM
By: David C Deal

Great to have you posted on mix Bob. This was a fun song to participate on.

Re: Vignesday has...
09/02/15 08:22:43PM
By: Gene Smith

:( Do what you have to do Maestro, I know the feeling all too well.

Re: VMA's
09/02/15 07:46:54PM
By: Admin

Kanye has a serious case of ADD. He spoke for 20 minutes on nothing although I am sure Kim understood what he was saying. The rest of us were looking for a program or a syllabus to follow along....

Re: Come On Human
09/02/15 04:17:59PM
By: Piyali

@michael-stone-the-abyss: thank you so much! So Happy you like it. :)

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Absent Starseed - Golden edition

08/09/15 09:58:30AM, by absentstarseed

Irradiation - THRASH!

07/29/15 04:00:39PM, by irradiation

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04/12/15 08:30:45AM, by Stickman
Farrell Jackson


11/01/13 10:32:21AM, by Farrell Jackson
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Welcome to Mixposure everyone! Please enjoy the great music here!

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New Beginnings from Daryl Abyss...

09/03/15 01:00:00AM
By: Jims Artificial Earth  Tag: New Beginnings

Vignesday has been cancelled for...

09/02/15 12:00:00AM
By: Vig Wig  Tag: News


08/31/15 12:00:00AM
By: Admin  Tag: News

New Album 'Still 3 Bricks Shy'!

08/29/15 12:00:00AM
By: 3 Bricks Shy  Tag: New Music

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The Valley Presents

The Valley Presents

10/23/15 9pm
The Valley (Located in the...

Yellow Jumps Twice CD release

Yellow Jumps Twice CD release

09/18/15 9pm
Bar 227 / Hamburg

Bud's 60th Birthday Rockin Blues Party

Bud's 60th Birthday Rockin...

09/17/15 12am
Queens Hotel in Nanaimo

Brian Foss Presents

Brian Foss Presents

09/08/15 9pm

Summer Blast 2015

Summer Blast 2015

08/28/15 6pm
Spanaway, WA

Site News

By Admin
Tag: News


Anyone watch the VMA's last night? If so, care to comment? 

By Admin
Tag: News

Annual Halloween Song Submissions

I know it seems early but Halloween is approaching fast! I just want to give everyone a reminder to keep this thought in the back of your mind to create a Halloween Tune!!

For those of you that are not familiar with this, for the last 10 years or so we have done Halloween Song Submissions. The goal is to create a fun, spooky tune that we will play on Mixstream Radio around Halloween. The song does not have to have vocals and we encourage you to collaborate with other Mixposure Artists!

This Halloween Song Submissions are probably been the most successful "site songs" we have done. So let's have another successful year!!


By Admin
Tag: News


Hey Gang!

Just wanted to apologize for not being around much. It has been a remodeling few months and I am finally getting caught up. Our computer room was just done and now we have it put back together. I can finally use my computer properly!!


By Admin
Tag: News

Kudos To Taylor Swift


I was reading the above on Fox today and like her or not, you have to appluad what she is doing. It is about time an artist stood up for well, artists.  Too many times companies profit off the hard work of musicians. If it was that easy, we would all be on the Billboard Charts. The reality is, I think it is easier to become a pro athlete than a professional musician. How many pro athletes in the world vs musicans making the same kind of money? 


 / 214
Mixstream Radio

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

By Otto DJ, 2015-01-01
Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air to provide you a continuous stream of amazing Mixxposure.com Artists! Otto was born in a cave in the Andes, and was raised by a famiy of Alpacas. He made his first guitar from the bark of a rare Mixposure tree, and often serenaded the fabled Yeti with an impromptu version of Purple Haze, accompanied by a Unicorn. 

Posted in: MixRadio | 0 comments
Premium Blogs

By Jims Artificial Earth
Tag: New Beginnings

New Beginnings from Daryl Abyss and Mike Stone

It was my great pleasure to feature a great deal of the music from Daryl and Michael's new project, "New Beginnings," on 30 Aug 2015 on my show. This is a great CD, folks. With the permission of Daryl and Michael, they've permitted me to upload the entire show, featuring not only the new CD, but hours of great music from many of the incredibly talented and amazing Mixposure Artists. This was a special show, friends.  Here's the podcast link: 


If you want the entire CD, you can find it right here: 


By Sam Houston
Tag: Music

New song.... "Weeping Willow"

Uploaded a new song "Weeping Willow". I just got a mandolin and trying it out on this one :-D

Weeping Willow

By Doug Dickens
Tag: mixstream

Nothin' But the Blues Tonight

Nothin' But the Blues Tonight



Tuesday evening, 8 PM EDT on http://www.mixposure.com/mix_radio/, we will have Sue Leonard on the air tracking her new work.

Tuesday evening on Nothin' But the Blues showcase, we will have as our special guest, Sue Leonard. Sue, who is a frequent artist to the shows will be offering new selections from Leonard, Burns and Dell's new CD, "Perfect Strangers". We will also have Sue on the air with us talking about this new work as well as her past CD's, "Bend" and "Leonardville.... An evening with Sue Leonard is not one to be missed. She travels the realm of blues, jazz, rock and Americana like no other. She has teamed up with Cindy Dell and Brennagh Burns for this new work. "Perfect Strangers". Songwriters all, Leonard, Burns and Dell offer us a lush panorama of their incredible talent. Ontario, Canada has much to be proud of with a caliber of performers like these three ladies. Come and join us for a celebration of independent music on Mixstream Radio, Tuesday evening beginning at 8 PM EDT


By Barefoot Music & Barefoot Rock n Blues
Tag: Barefoot Rock n Blues

Barefoot Rock n Blues ft. BillyD Sunday (08.09.205)

" In a world where most mainstream music is all processed and sugar-coated, there are still musicians who manage to bring real heart and soul to the table. BillyD is a 30-year-old R&B/Soul artist\producer born and raised in Washington D.C., USA. Raised around different styles of music and cultures, BillyD has a well-rounded understanding of many types of music. He instilled this into his own music as he developed his own personal unique style as a singer/songwriter/producer. With no former vocal/musical training, BillyD set out to make the music he was meant to make.


Sunday, August  9th  Barefoot  Rock  n  Blues @ 8pm eastern; proudly featuring the outstanding soulful music of R & B artist BillyD throughout this Sunday's show.

" In 2011, he released the inspirational debut album, "The Impossible" which included songs about surviving childhood abuse & becoming the successful man he was meant to be. Songs like "When Will I?", "Starting Over" & "My Journey" helped make that release a powerful testimony to anyone struggling to find their own voice. After a four-year hiatus, BillyD returns to share one final closing chapter to his emotional story. The soon to be released follow-up EP entitled, "On My Own" will warm your heart & touch your soul".


*As a music fan & a DJ I've found  myself captivated and emotionally moved by Billy's music with every listen. Listener's and DJ's alike wanted more BillyD music, so we asked, and Billy answered our wish. I'm honored to be one of the (radio) messenger's privileged to welcome the talented and gracious BillyD back to Mixstream Radio, I am humbled and honored to spin his music this Sunday, Billy sent me a dynamite collection of  songs to share with my listener's, and I'm looking forward to sharing the "BillyD Experience" with the world.   ~*Barefoot Rock n Blues~


 / 26