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Barefoot Music

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Marco Akamawa

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N. Parker


09/26/14 05:31:14PM, by N. Parker

Big Pete is Artist of the month!!

09/04/14 05:27:14PM, by SG
Helena Ribeiro

Newbie around

08/09/14 05:44:20PM, by Helena Ribeiro

I need a gospel choir

08/27/14 06:31:40PM, by SG

Chabane's Records Released [Free Download]

04/20/14 09:26:14AM, by Chabanes
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The Barefoot Baroness Juke Joint...

09/30/14 01:30:00PM
By: Barefoot Music  Tag: MixRadio

Birth to Reunion

09/30/14 12:00:00AM
By: piecesofmind  Tag: Band History

Learn Guitar Chords Fast - Three...

09/28/14 12:00:00AM
By: Josephrodz  Tag: News

Received a gift this morning so...

09/28/14 12:00:00AM
By: Marco Akamawa  Tag: GOODMORNING WORLD

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Jug o Blues

10/01/14 02:54:37PM
By: bill b

War and Aftermath

10/01/14 01:58:37AM

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Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

09/14/14 8am
Longhorn Saloon

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

09/14/14 8am
Longhorn Saloon 121 W....

Jill Towers & her band, "Anita Drink"

Jill Towers & her band,...

09/06/14 1pm
Lake Harris Hideaway,...

Jill Towers at The Attic Door

Jill Towers at The Attic Door

09/05/14 8pm
28 W. Plant St, Winter...

Thawind Mills @ Landon Winery

Thawind Mills @ Landon Winery

08/30/14 1pm
Landon Winery 101 N...

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By Josephrodz
Tag: News

Learn Guitar Chords Fast - Three Things You Must Know

Learn Guitar Chords Fast - Three Things You Must Know

If you want to learn to play the guitar fast, you're going to have to learn guitar chords fast. Chords are the fundamental building blocks of guitar playing. There are ways to learn guitar chords fast and here are a few examples of how to do just that.

The first thing you must realize if you want to learn guitar chords fast, is that your hand is going to be asked to do a lot of odd positions that it just is not used to doing. You are going to go through a period of muscle building in your fingers, palm and wrist. This building period will be difficult, and may take a while. Also, be ready for some fingertip pain as you build calluses from the strings.

Secondly, to learn guitar chords fast, I suggest you learn barre chords quickly. A barre chord is nothing more than an open chord moved up the neck, becoming a differently named chord each time it is moved. For example, if you take an E chord, move the whole chord up one fret, then use your index finger to press the string down on the first fret, you'll change the E chord to an F chord.

Move up 3 frets, and you have a G chord. This method of playing chords is mostly used with an E or A chord.
Third, get a guitar chord chart. These handy guides will show you all the chords in all positions. An open A chord will sound different than an A barre chord. It's useful to begin to hear the differences between the same chords played in different positions.
If you can learn guitar chords fast, you'll be able to play songs faster, making learning the guitar more enjoyable much quicker.
By Admin
Tag: News

Halloween 2014 Updates

Halloween 2014 Updates So here are the submissions so far for the 2014 Halloween Song Submissions. Plenty of time left for everyone to submit some spooky music!!

By Barefoot Music
Tag: News

Mistream Radio Goes Global with New Live Shows

Notice To The Universe & all Earthlings:
Mixstream Radio has added two new EuropeanTime Friendly shows to our Live DJ Hosted presentation's of the best Indie Music on the planet.

The Bubba Reeves Show- Tuesday's @ 1pm eastern
Barefoot Baroness Juke Joint - Wednesday's. @ 1pm eastern
Showcase Of Independent Artist - Thursday's @ 1pm eastern
With more shows soon TBA.

Don't forget that you can listen any time- 24/7- to 100% Independent on Mixstream Radio @ www.mixposure.com/mix_radio/

Please Join us in the Chat Room Zoo during the live shows, 
It's Where some of the coolest music collaborations  are born.
By Barefoot Music
Tag: News

On-Line Busking & House Concerts

Music and how it's being created, performed, and even recorded is evolving all the time in new platforms in which an audiance of fans hears and experiences music today.

How Independent Radio is helping even the playing field in the music industry is a strong indicator of the changes, especially for independent musician's.

The evolution in the music industry is fascinating and recently I have been following the ongoing debate about artist's compensation.

Whether it be from music accessed via the old-fashioned (and hopefully not extinct) record/Cd stores, digitially through the Internet, or live performances, it's obvious that most artist's are still not being compensated rightously for their art.

Music sites routinely offer up incentives for their music contributors; listener's are measured, yet typically most sites have no further interest past how many hits/views an artist page receives.
Many of these sites offer free artist's pages and a platform for sales of downloads of their music, but unless the artist has a strong and wide fan base they make little from these music sales.

Live performances still are how artists create the kind of exposure that sells their music.

The marketing savvy band/artist knows that building a demand for their live performances is what creates the exposure they need to sell their music and merchandise.

But even setting a fair price for perfomances compensation is difficult, and all the while there's the risk that ALL of an artist's music is being made available for free.

t's obvious that the mainstream music industry in general have consistently failed to respond to what the artist's need to make an adequate living, what the listener wants, and what the current realites to cyberspace and music are.

Admittidily there is no shortage of great music and access to it today, and for both the music maker's and the listener's it' become a matter of choices. With little surprise live music performances (despite the access to quality of recorded music) is still the popular choice for fans to hear and see their favorite artist/bands.

Making that happen is even easier today.

On-line Busking, aka Net Busking is fast becoming one of the platforms to see an artist's live gig, and in the privacy of your own home. Much like the "pay-Per View' sporting events that family & friends get together for, so are people having "Busking" parties.

Traditionally "Busking" is a common term for the act of performing in a public area for voluntary donations of change.

Today I experienced an On-Line Busking performance and from a personal perspective as simply a fan I see great potential that this is a phenomonal way to see and to support Independent Live Music.

An artist/band needs only a web-cam & microphone, their music, and they can be live streaming or even pod-casting right into our homes.

On-line Busking in to House Concerts can create more visability to build a wider fan base. Performances for those who live outside the main tour hubs would have the options of live performances that an artist offers, while this concept of perforing for fans allows the artist's and fans to create a meaningful connection and making life-long fans. I see even the potential for fan's to really have the power of the people at their finger-tips in deciding which songs will become chart toppers.

Along with the benifit of exposure for the artists there is the idea of the "Virtual TipHat" (tip jar) so that listener's may actually tip the performers who are Busking The other half to Busking is the Tips.

Sites that specialize in On-Line Busking have the ability for fans to tip in place. I am a fan of this concept and saw it action today.
I also read a really good article that spells this concept out better than I.

Making a living as an artist has never been easy, the largest percentage of artist's in the business are performing their music out of passion & devotion to their art, making the cliche' "Starving Artist" truer than we'd like to see.

I'm beginning to see the real advanatages to On-Line Busking.

What's your thoughts?

 / 207
Mixstream Radio

The Barefoot Baroness Juke Joint Live Globally

By Barefoot Baroness , 2014-09-30
Posted in: MixRadio | 0 comments
Premium Blogs

By Marco Akamawa

Received a gift this morning so I pass the present on to you...

Received a gift this morning so I pass the present on to you...

'No Name'
[unregistered] Sep.28 2014 by M. Akamawa

intro D#m_D#m-3

woke up this morning
with a smile
my head is filled with music

a melody
gift from above
makes me kind a lyric

I've got a guitar
right nearby
I pick it up and play

this gift for you
it has no name
and it'll stay that way

this gift for you
it has no name
and it'll stay that way

for all
we receive to deal with
whether we like it or not
it simply is part of the universe

just like this song
gift from above
written between the stars...

just like this song
gift from above
to help fight all our wars

a melody so clear
and pure
not easy to forget

remember it and sing
my love
whenever you are sad

the words don't matter
don't define
the melody at all

just hum it and receive
my love
my gift will hear you call...

just hum it and receive
my love
my gift will hear you call...

for all
we receive to deal with
whether we like it or not
simply's part of the universe

just like this song
gift from above
written between the stars...

just like this song
gift from above
to help fight all our wars

D#m A# D#m - G#m D#m A# D#m - G#m D#m A# D#m
na naaa naa na naaa na naa etc

for all
we receive to deal with
whether we like it or not
simply's part of the universe

just like this song
gift from above
written between the stars...

just like this song
gift from above
to help you fight your wars

rep int Dm_Dm-3 fin

Have a Great Day People!

more on my blogsite @ http://akamawa.linkpc.net/

By Michael Stone
Tag: New Video

Webcasts Coming Soon!

To all of my friends I am planning on doing a series of Home Concerts from my Home Studio soon to be webcast. I am currently experimenting with Ustream and Google's Hangout On Air for this project, and may look for other platforms to do this. I hope to be able to have some intimate performances that showcase the writing and what's behind the songs, providing I can get the quality I am hoping for. The geek in me is already challenged by this, which means I WILL NOT give up the idea. I hope you'll consider joining me in the near future for this experiment into my private world as a writer and performer. I promise to do all I can to make it an entertaining experience. ~Michael~
By The TrueVulgarians
Tag: New Collaboration

The Color Man Blues TrueVulgarians, David C. Deal, Gene Smith and FenderBender

Please to announce the release of a new blues collaboration.  Words and music by Bill Thompson who sings lead vocal and plays acoustic guitar, Jacki Grapentine on backing vocals (The TrueVulgarians) David D. Deal on keyboards, Gene Smith on lead guitar and FenderBender on bass.  Mixed, mastered and arranged by David C. Deal.  The Color Man Blues ft. David C Deal, Gene Smith and FenderBender">The Color Man Blues ft. David C Deal, Gene Smith and FenderBender
By Doug Dickens
Tag: mixstream

Showcase with Wendy Biscuit Swing

Showcase with Wendy Biscuit Swing Tonight beginning at 8 PM EDT, we will have a very special Ladies Night Showcase.  The first hour of the show will spotlight the wonderful songwriter, Lisa Ray Sunshine.  Lisa, who has the knack for crossing genres with her original material is not to be missed.  Retired due to illness, we will showcase her vast array of music.  She is not to be missed.
The second part of tonight's show will be an interview and the music of Vancouver's Wendy Biscuit.  Wendy's music spans the jazz, blues and swing eras.   Great music is born with this lady and her sparling vocals.  She has had music in her soul since her very early years and after you hear her, you will be wanting the cd's.  This lady is smokin' hot.
We will also spotlight next week's guest, country singer Laurie Lace.  When it comes to country music, Laurie fills the bill with the best of them.  Join us for a grand celebration of independent music.
 / 25