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10 Things I Wish My Guitar...

09/17/14 12:00:00AM
By: Josephrodz  Tag: News

My short film

09/15/14 12:00:00AM

Moved my Good Morning Blog ...

09/13/14 12:00:00AM
By: Marco Akamawa  Tag: GOODMORNING WORLD

VIRUS 2 -the combat

09/10/14 12:00:00AM
By: Marco Akamawa  Tag: GOODMORNING WORLD


09/09/14 12:00:00AM
By: Marco Akamawa  Tag: GOODMORNING WORLD

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Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

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Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

09/14/14 8am
Longhorn Saloon 121 W....

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By Josephrodz
Tag: News

10 Things I Wish My Guitar Teacher Told Me on Day One

10 Things I Wish My Guitar Teacher Told Me on Day One

1- The more you teach yourself, the faster you will progress.

 If you just memorize what the teacher tells you, without asking yourself  “does this make sense” or “how would I explain this to another Guitarist”, you will miss a lot.

Don’t assume the teacher is always right or that he knows the simplest way to explain things.

Private Lessons or self-taught, the players that get good, quickly, are the ones that put the time and effort in. You can’t stop for a few days and expect to keep up your momentum.

 Remember, you can practice mapping your fingerboard or running scales(in your head, without a Guitar) while you are waiting in a checkout line, or anytime you’re bored. It all counts towards your practice time.

2- If you learn everything (chords, scales, chord progressions) on one string first, it will make much more sense on the grid of the fingerboard.

3- All Scales are easier to remember, with their corresponding Chord. You can group this information together. eg. 5th position A Maj scale, is related to a 5th position A Maj chord. You should be able to visualize the Root, Third and Fifth degrees of the scale as a Chord.

4- Learning problem solving, visualization and self-assessment are the most important skills you will gain from playing Guitar. Being fun at parties is just a bonus.

5- The spaces between the notes(numbered intervals I-VII) are more important than the notes themselves. You will be able to transpose and write charts more easily with numbers. Lettered notes have no quantity, unless you already understand music theory (or have perfect pitch perception), it’s hard to see how an E relates to an A.

 Most professional/studio musicians use a system call “Nashville Numbering” which is based on Intervals.

Trying to visualize the difference between a Maj and min scale/chord, transposing or seeing the relationships that are presented to you in the circle of Fourths and Fifths becomes much easier using numbers.

6- Guitar technique and Musical theory are two separate subjects.

Don’t let one  slow down your progress with the other.

7- Learning simple 3-string triad chords before the CAGED chords, (and the formula to build them) makes more sense.

8- You can learn just as much from a Drummer or Bassist, as from another Guitarist. Even if they play a completely different style of music than you. A Drummer will have a different approach to playing Music, they will count bars and measures automatically and be able to feel when they are ahead or behind the beat.

 I find that good Bass players generally have a better understanding of Harmony than Guitarists.

9- Learning to play the Guitar is not like a pyramid, where you take lessons, pay your dues(bottom level), graduate to being a pro(middle) and eventually are the best(top/pinnacle).

The learning pyramid actually upside down, the longer you play and the better you become, the more you are capable of learning. It is impossible to be the best at every style and discipline of Guitar playing. There are a few that come close but for the majority of us, there will ALWAYS be something new to learn! There is always someone that can (technically) play better than you. It’s not a competition, the “BEST” Guitarist is the one that plays the “most like the most like themselves”. Develop your own style.

10- Practicing without the Guitar, being able to visualize notes, scales and chords without any kind of reference is as important as physically playing the Guitar. When you close your eyes, your brain doesn’t know whether the Guitar you are playing is real or imaginary.

You don’t need the Guitar to practice!
Edit; Here’s some more points I should really mention:

-always be in the habit of tapping your foot and counting.
-Try humming or singing scales, melodies and chord progressions.

hearing the sound IN your head is different than hearing your Guitars sound through your ears.

-Warming up(and down) makes a big difference. Guitarists put an incredible strain on their hands. Warming up will keep your hands from cramping, when you have to practice or perform for several hours straight. Learn where your pressure points are, for your hands,arms and shoulders. Here’s a hand reflexology chart . Drink plenty of water.

-This sounds dumb but, breathe. Beginners will hold their breath when concentrating on a particularly challenging piece. I’ve seen lots of people drool on their fingerboards, it happens. You have to be relaxed to perform, trying really hard has an negative effect.

-It’s natural to look down at the fingerboard when you are learning a new piece. If you are playing a song you already know, you should not be able to see the front of the fingerboard when you are playing. This is what I see when I look down at my neck.

As you can see, I can only see one string, the other 5 are hidden behind it.  If you can see the front of the fingerboard, your head and neck are too far forward and the position of your hand is compromised! Don’t tilt the Guitar towards you so you can see the fingerboard.

-Practice new riffs, scales and chord progressions slowly and build up speed. You will actually be able to play the piece at full speed, sooner if you start slowly. Playing Guitar is a physical performance like dancing or martial arts. The point of practicing slowly is to eventually be able to make perfect, consistent movements, automatically. This is sometimes called “Muscle memory”. Could you tie your shoe the first time you tried? Probably not. Now you do it without thinking.
By Admin
Tag: News

That Time of Year Again - Halloween Songs 2014

That Time of Year Again - Halloween Songs 2014 Yep it is that time of year again. Halloween Songs for 2014!! As many of you know, for the last 8 or 9 years we have been doing Halloween Songs and it has always been fun. Considering all of the "site songs" we do, this has probably been the favorite from everyone. 

If you have not done one before, here is how it works. Create your spookiest or funniest Halloween Song you can. You have plenty of time to get it done and also enough time to find other artists to work with if you want to collaborate. Vocals are not required so do not feel like you have to have them in. 

Obviously the due date will be Oct 31st but if at all possible, let's try and get them in by October 25th. This will give our DJ's plenty of time to get them added into their shows. When you upload them, please use a genre of "Halloween 2014" so we can find them easy. I will see if I can get some added from prior years so you can have a listen and get some ideas. 

Please post if you have any questions!!
By Admin
Tag: News

Welcome New Artists

We have had a ton of new artists signing up on Mixposure and I just wanted to take a moment and welcome everyone! The site can be a little confusing at first so please speak up if you are having any trouble. We will be glad to point you in the right direction.

By Admin
Tag: News

Song Review Updates Made Easier

I just wanted to let everyone know that we added a small icon on the New Song Page with a small pen on it. When clicked it will bring up a window to add song reviews. This is much easier I think.  I will be adding these to all of the chart pages soon also. I may need to tweak the popup size a bit since it auto resizes and I think it is a bit large on some computers. Your mileage may vary :).



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Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

By Otto DJ, 2013-10-09

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air to provide you a continuous stream of amazing Mixxposure.com Artists!

Posted in: MixRadio | 0 comments
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My short film


My updated and corrected short film can be found at this link
By Marco Akamawa

Moved my Good Morning Blog ...

Moved my Good Morning Blog ... Hello Dear People,
In order to not 'dominate' the frontpage of this wonderful (music) website I have moved my daily thoughts to: Marco Akamawa's GOODMORNING WORLD blog on private website.

Have a Great Day, Y'All!
Love, Marco

By Marco Akamawa

VIRUS 2 -the combat

VIRUS 2 -the combat

at 5 o clock precisely

routinely got out of bed

used my yoga meditation right

travelled the world from toes to head


and now that I have sort of

fought that loving battle game

I tell me how I feel

tellin' you I don't feel the same


you're tryin to tell a story

in my head I can hear you sing

your highpitched numbing sound

a not too unpleasant thing


you're tryin to make me yours

multiplying inside my body

I welcome the resistance

although it makes me snotty


you're tryin to wear me down

by settling inside my bronchae

you're a pretty vicious thing

at least that's what you tell me


you're tryin to seduce me

by makin me sleep strange hours

while on my turf you seed weed

I'm elsewhere pickin flowers


you're tryin to embrace me

in your cozy countless arms

but you're also upsetting my stomach

she won't fall for your churning charms


won't give myself to you

for I am not even mine

to the same source we belong

but hey here you're way out o'line


now listen little virus

you're fighting a loosing battle

if you'd make me disappear

where in heavens' would you settle


now that I've identified you

while knowing myself a bit better

my words they tell us where to go

so let's follow them to the letter


I take another sip of water

it contains some lemon juice

I follow it travel inside me

my own sword crossin' the flu's

Have a great one Y'All!
Love, Marco

By Marco Akamawa


AYAYAYAYAY should have 

recorded a musicvideoclip


but decided not to 'coz 

I didn't think I looked too hip


I also had some problems with

ahum usually excellent musicianship


and this morning oooh this morning

I'm still in a bit of a dip


today should be going to MAWA NPO

but hmmm I think I'm gonna cancel that trip


and stick a thermometer in the space 

between my busy brain and bottom lip


to you I give the song I recorded last night
to me I give myself an outstanding tip 


I should seriously attempt to get rid 

of this flu that's got me in its' grip


Have a nice day Y'All!

Love, Marco


ps Martyna, Hagit, soon will send the stuff so please don't flip

pps now I'm out of words, at least words that rhyme with ip

ppps People if you missed my new demo here is the link 
I'd be grateful if you'd let me know what you think
 / 497