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Latest Comments
2012 BC
Re: What Child Is...
11/28/15 09:55:34PM
By: 2012 BC

Oh Man...how angelic....killer stuff

Re: What Child Is...
11/28/15 01:41:19PM
By: David C Deal

Sounding mighty fine! More "info" on the recording would be pleasant.

Re: Schedule
11/28/15 12:21:01PM
By: Josephrodz

Awesome Gene!

Ariels Attic
Re: Help Me Fly
11/27/15 10:49:46PM
By: Ariels Attic

Awesome track Doc.. Brings a tear every time.. You know why..

Ariels Attic
Re: Easy Way Out
11/27/15 10:37:37PM
By: Ariels Attic

Love this track.. It smells, and tastes like North Eastern Ohio to me..

Farrell Jackson
Re:  Mysteries of the...
11/27/15 03:50:39PM
By: Farrell Jackson

Cool instrumental Bill! It reminds me of a soundtrack to one of Connan The Destroyer movies....not that it's a copy, it just has the same vibe...well done!

Farrell Jackson
Re: Mixposure Radio...
11/27/15 03:46:25PM
By: Farrell Jackson

Thanks Gene! I hope one of the DJ's find it useful

Jims Artificial Earth
Re: Schedule
11/27/15 01:07:46PM
By: Jims Artificial...

Very nice, Gene!

Farrell Jackson
Re: Undercurrents
11/27/15 10:29:12AM
By: Farrell Jackson

This is crazy good folks! I like listening to heavy metal songs with distorted guitars but some of the gruff/screaming vocals that get placed with this genre tends to wear on my ears and sound the...

Farrell Jackson
Re: Undercurrents
11/27/15 10:26:01AM
By: Farrell Jackson

This is crazy good folks! I like listening to heavy rock songs with distorted guitars but some of the gruff/screaming vocals that get placed with this genre tend to wear on my ears. But not Jenn's...

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2012 BC

2012 BC

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David C Deal

David C Deal

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[Reviews: 1]
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How Do I Review A Song?

11/24/15 11:16:22PM, by Admin

Hi it's Zest here....

10/06/15 06:48:50PM, by ZEST


09/30/15 02:55:47PM, by Galacticore
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Welcome to Mixposure

Thank you for checking us out on Mixposure. This is a free community so please hang out and listen to some great tunes! If you have any questions, just ask!!


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No Prime Cuts tonight

11/28/15 12:00:00AM
By: Gene Smith  Tag: Info

Happy Thanksgiving

11/26/15 12:00:00AM
By: Admin  Tag: News

The Top Five Reasons Why Indie...

11/26/15 12:00:00AM
By: Ronnie Gibson  Tag: Indie Music Articles

Recreating The ’80s Home Studio...

11/26/15 12:00:00AM
By: Ronnie Gibson  Tag: Home Studio Articles


11/25/15 12:00:00AM
By: Gene Smith  Tag: MixSchedule

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Siberian Solstice Concert

Siberian Solstice Concert

11/29/15 07:00:00PM
Kingsley United Methodist...

Pete's Candy Store

Pete's Candy Store

11/30/15 09:00:00PM
709 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY

Ambiance Evolution plays Merchant's Mile High Saloon!

Ambiance Evolution plays...

01/15/16 07:00:00PM
Merchant's Mile High Saloon

Site News

By Admin
Tag: News

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone enjoys he holiday and spens some quality time with family. I am personally thankful for everyone on this site who continue to wow me with great music. I am exremely thankfull to Jim, Gene, Maurice, Kerrin, Vig, Doug, Toni, Mark and Jeremy for all of the work hey put in on MixStream Radio. Your guys rock!!


By Admin
Tag: News

Audio Pages Changes

I had a few inquiries over the last few days about how to do a song review so we added a new help file to the forum. To cut down the excitement, just click on any pen icons to initiate a review.

Also due to some confusion, we also made some slight changes to the audio page. We added some icons on there for reviews, edits and deletes. For some reason I thought these had been there all along and I have no idea when they dropped off!!

Please let us know if you have any questions.

By Admin
Tag: News

Subscription Changes

As most of you know we switched servers awhile ago and we were able save some money off of our monthly fees. We also added a lot more storage space. With that in mind, I wanted to revamp the Mixposure Subscription Rates. I wanted to get rid of a lot of the plans and just make it simple for everyone. 

For the most part, we really have two subscriptions now. Mixposure 100 and the Mixposure 250. The price for these will be 24.99 a year and 49.95 a year. As you can guess, the number is how many songs you can add. I have already moved pretty much everyone into these quotas so you should now have the ability to add a lot more songs. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.


By Admin
Tag: News

Outage Today

Apologies for the downtime today. Our host had a fiber cut. Surprisingly the site came back up faster than I had anticipated. Todd
 / 215
Mixstream Radio

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

By Otto DJ, 2015-01-01
Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air to provide you a continuous stream of amazing Mixxposure.com Artists! Otto was born in a cave in the Andes, and was raised by a famiy of Alpacas. He made his first guitar from the bark of a rare Mixposure tree, and often serenaded the fabled Yeti with an impromptu version of Purple Haze, accompanied by a Unicorn. 

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Premium Blogs

By Gene Smith
Tag: Info

No Prime Cuts tonight

Good evening all, EBS cannot do a show tonight. If anyone would like me to fill in then pop over into the chatroom, otherwise Otto will have it ;)


By Doug Dickens
Tag: mixstream

Nothin' But the Blues Tonight

Nothin' But the Blues Tonight



Tuesday evening, 8 PM EDT on http://www.mixposure.com/mix_radio/, we will have Sue Leonard on the air tracking her new work.

Tuesday evening on Nothin' But the Blues showcase, we will have as our special guest, Sue Leonard. Sue, who is a frequent artist to the shows will be offering new selections from Leonard, Burns and Dell's new CD, "Perfect Strangers". We will also have Sue on the air with us talking about this new work as well as her past CD's, "Bend" and "Leonardville.... An evening with Sue Leonard is not one to be missed. She travels the realm of blues, jazz, rock and Americana like no other. She has teamed up with Cindy Dell and Brennagh Burns for this new work. "Perfect Strangers". Songwriters all, Leonard, Burns and Dell offer us a lush panorama of their incredible talent. Ontario, Canada has much to be proud of with a caliber of performers like these three ladies. Come and join us for a celebration of independent music on Mixstream Radio, Tuesday evening beginning at 8 PM EDT



Calling all Artists and Listeners


Calling all Artists and Listeners!


We the DJ's are challenging all of the amazing Artists and Listeners of Mixposure and Mixstream Radio to make a Promo! It can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make it. From something as simple as "Your Name" and You are listening to MixStream Radio.... To an elaborate full blown production. If you can record the sound of your voice, you can make a promo. All promos will be put into rotation on the AutoDJ and I can guarantee you that most if not all of the DJ's will be playing them during their shows. I know that every single one I can get my hands on will become a regular part of my show. It's a great way to promote your band or just to show your support for MixStream Radio and Mixposure. Help us as DJ's promote you! Contact any DJ to send your promos or ask any questions you may have, and lets show the world that Mixposure has the most creative Artists, Listeners and Fans!

By Abysss
Tag: Release




Hey just letting you know the that We Have Released

"Heavens In Your Heart" 

with the talented vocals of

Pete Tebar



Hope you all enjoy .... 


Check it out...


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