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Latest Comments
Farrell Jackson
Re: Steve & Bubba R Show
10/20/14 10:47:13AM
By: Farrell Jackson

Bummer but health comes first. Steve, you're the perfect straight man for Bubba's hillbilly antics. I'll look forward to you popping in now and then on Mixradio! AsCar was a hoot! Farrell

Re: Halloween 2014...
10/19/14 07:41:48PM

ok how do i submit a song

Re: Steve & Bubba R Show
10/19/14 04:28:22PM
By: David C Deal

Thanks Steve for all the time, effort and good times he put into your shows. Together you guys provided some seriously enjoyable entertainment to us. STeve and Bubba together will be missed. Thank...

Re: Steve & Bubba R Show
10/19/14 03:19:25PM
By: Buddrumming

Yes ... i luv u guys .... rocked my little musical world... luved when you did the horse racing skit... keep well my good friends! always thx for everything, Bud

Dylan Thermos
Re: Ain't 2 Proud 2...
10/19/14 12:22:11PM
By: dylan thermos

I used to sing this back in the day, brought some nice memories back. Great rendition..........dylan

Dylan Thermos
Re: The Monster
10/19/14 12:19:45PM
By: dylan thermos

Great work.........dylan

Dylan Thermos
Re: I Drink Alone
10/19/14 12:17:06PM
By: dylan thermos

I enjoyed your track. Old blues style, excellent.........dylan.

Barefoot Baroness
Re: Faded Love
10/19/14 02:17:34AM
By: Barefoot Music

Liking the vie this carries through the lead vocals and guitar leads.

Barefoot Baroness
Re: Our Little World
10/19/14 12:54:33AM
By: Barefoot Music

Love the sweetness in this tune....takes me back on a nostalgic journey with your style and sound on "Our Little World" Perfect song to add to a show I am doing called "Always Somewhere"

Barefoot Baroness
Re: The Hard Blunt...
10/18/14 07:25:06PM
By: Barefoot Music

I am the one who is so humbled and grateful Ron that first you confided in me the lyrics before finishing it, and secondly your expressing what I am not able to about a topic that's so close to my...

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Farrell Jackson

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David C Deal

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Latest Forum Comments
Shadow of the Hatman

Hello everyone

10/11/14 12:56:51AM, by Shadow of the Hatman

Back to this Forum

04/12/14 07:31:10PM, by Admin
N. Parker


09/26/14 05:31:14PM, by N. Parker

Big Pete is Artist of the month!!

09/04/14 05:27:14PM, by SG
Helena Ribeiro

Newbie around

08/09/14 05:44:20PM, by Helena Ribeiro
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MIM Chain Reaction Series #1 w/...

10/20/14 03:00:00AM
By: Barefoot Music  Tag: MIM Chain Reaction Series

"Coalition Austerity Blues"

10/19/14 12:00:00AM
By: dylan thermos  Tag: New Blues Tune.

Barefoot Rock n Blues Always...

10/18/14 12:00:00AM
By: Barefoot Music  Tag: Show

Steve & Bubba R Show

10/16/14 12:00:00AM
By: BobbyGO1CR  Tag: News

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Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

09/14/14 8am
Longhorn Saloon

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

09/14/14 8am
Longhorn Saloon 121 W....

Jill Towers & her band, "Anita Drink"

Jill Towers & her band,...

09/06/14 1pm
Lake Harris Hideaway,...

Jill Towers at The Attic Door

Jill Towers at The Attic Door

09/05/14 8pm
28 W. Plant St, Winter...

Thawind Mills @ Landon Winery

Thawind Mills @ Landon Winery

08/30/14 1pm
Landon Winery 101 N...

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By Admin
Tag: News

Drunk Clowns

I heard a rumor that the Drunk Clowns are coming back.

By Josephrodz
Tag: News

Top 10 Most Famous Guitars

Top 10 Most Famous Guitars
This is a List of Top 10 Most Famous Guitars

10. Steve Vai's Ibanez JEM

At the time, its unique pickup arrangement and upgraded vibrato helped Steve Vai achieve some awesome sounds. 24 fret guitars were pretty rare back in 1987, and along with other flashy touches like bright pickups and funky dials, the JEM really stood out. Best of all could be the "monkey grip" handle which helped Vai pull off some ninja stage moves without losing grip.

9. Tony Iommi's Gibson SG Special 'Monkey'

 What makes Tony Iommi's Gibson SG different from all the others? Simple: a monkey sticker. He used it on most of the original line-up albums and tours. Iommi originally preferred a white Stratocaster but the bridge pickup failed after recording "Wicked World" on their debut album. It might be legendary, but it's not perfect - apparently it's always had tuning problems and noisy pickups. Now it's on display at Times Square in New York.
8. James Hetfield's 'EET FUK' Explorer

 James Hetfield has been rocking an Explorer since the late 80s, and made the model a household name. Even when he's not using an Explorer, he'll often get custom guitars that look the same anyway. One example: the ESP JK Snakebyte, which launched in 2011.

7. David Gilmour's Black Stratocaster

In 1970, David Gilmour bought his first black Strat in New York. Within weeks, Pink Floyd's equipment had been stolen, but he loved it so much he went and bought another from the same store. It became a Pink Floyd icon, and went on display in the Hard Rock Cafe. Then, when Pink Floyd reunited in 2005, it made a triumphant return, and had been with David ever since.

6. Randy Rhoads' Polka Dot V

This unique-looking guitar was built by guitar making legend Karl Sandoval to Randy's specifications. Which, it would seem, includes the polka-dot pattern and how tie inlays. It apparently cost $740, and if you ask nicely Mr. Sandoval might make one of your own. That is, if you're brave enough to wear it.

5. B.B. King's ES-355 'Lucille'

What do you do if there's a fire? That's right, you get out of the building and stay out. In 1949, B.B. King went against this age-old advice after two fighting men knocked over a burning barrel. King went outside, but ran back to recover his $30 Gibson. Two people died. When King learned the men had been fighting over a woman called Lucille, and decided to name all his guitars after her as a reminder not to do anything stupid ever again - whether it's running into a flaming building or fighting over a woman."Walking Dead" fans who are up to the latest comics might notice a great little Lucille reference, by the way...

4. Jimi Hendrix's Backwards Stratocaster

Left-handed Jimi Hendrix famously played a right-handed Stratocaster backwards. Much has been made of how the reverse-stringing affected the tone, and while it's true it would have made some difference, it's probably been overstated by tone enthusiasts over the decades. The funny thing is, the same people often don't realise that the key solos on songs like "Hey Joe" and "Purple Haze" weren't played on a Strat at all - they were on Noel Redding's Fender Telecaster.

3. Edward Van Halen's Frankenstrat

 Eddie Van Halen's attempt to combine the sound of a Gibson guitar with the appearance of a Fender resulted in one of the most iconic paint jobs ever. Eddie did an awesome job with the original Frankenstrat, and it's been replicated both officially and unofficially ever since. To keep the copycats guessing, Eddie added a non-functional pickup and three-way switch purely to throw off people trying to emulate his handiwork.

2. Brian May's Red Special

 Unlike other handmade entries on this list, this isn't custom built from the best parts of existing guitars. Brian May built the Red Special by hand with his father with the wood of an 18th century fireplace mantel. He still uses the original occasionally, but his guitar company has taken to building replicas which he's happy to use.
1. Jimmy Page's EDS-1275 Double Neck Gibson

This striking siamese guitar would be famous even if Jimmy Page didn't use it; Slash, James Hetfield and jazz legend John McLaughlin have played it live too. But it was Page's historic performances of "Stairway To Heaven" that made this one of the most famous guitars ever. It's never sold in huge numbers, but remains in production by various custom shops who want to keep its legend alive.
By Admin
Tag: News

Halloween 2014 Updates

Halloween 2014 Updates So here are the submissions so far for the 2014 Halloween Song Submissions. Plenty of time left for everyone to submit some spooky music!!

By Barefoot Music
Tag: News

Mistream Radio Goes Global with New Live Shows

Notice To The Universe & all Earthlings:
Mixstream Radio has added two new EuropeanTime Friendly shows to our Live DJ Hosted presentation's of the best Indie Music on the planet.

The Bubba Reeves Show- Tuesday's @ 1pm eastern
Barefoot Baroness Juke Joint - Wednesday's. @ 1pm eastern
Showcase Of Independent Artist - Thursday's @ 1pm eastern
With more shows soon TBA.

Don't forget that you can listen any time- 24/7- to 100% Independent on Mixstream Radio @ www.mixposure.com/mix_radio/

Please Join us in the Chat Room Zoo during the live shows, 
It's Where some of the coolest music collaborations  are born.
 / 207
Mixstream Radio

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

By Otto DJ, 2013-10-09

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air to provide you a continuous stream of amazing Mixxposure.com Artists!

Posted in: MixRadio | 0 comments
Premium Blogs

By Barefoot Music
Tag: MIM Chain Reaction Series

MIM Chain Reaction Series #1 w/ Ron Kauffman

Introducing a new series from the Make Indie Mainstream (MIM) group. 


To join the MIM group send us a request here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/makeindiemainstream/
Please leave a message if you're interested in participating in the Chain Reaction by being n interviewer or by being interviewed by another artist. 
MIM group members are indepndent artists who also create the community of music maker's, music listener's, and the devoted supporter's of Mixstream radio @ www.mixposure.com/mix_radio.
Come join the community.
By Michael Stone
Tag: Articles

Meanings Behind Songs

Meanings Behind The Songs
~Michael Stone~ © 2014

Recently, I played a local venue, performing my music.

A woman engaged me afterwards asking me about the 'meaning' behind some of my songs. It was at that point I realized it was much easier for me to sing about my experiences than to actually 'talk' about them.

I guess it's easier to put oblique messages out through lyrics than to actually discuss the deeper thoughts going into the songwriting process. But somehow, she was able to glean the true meaning from the song, though I'd meant it as almost a musical double entendré.

When I perform live, I usually give a brief synopsis of songs before I play them, but in this case she went right to the heart of the matter and wanted the true meaning behind my lyrics.

I found myself unable or unwilling to delve into the subject much more personally, and with a complete stranger.

But isn't that what art is supposed to do ? Ask us to face the more difficult questions in life, in a manner that makes us think ? And here I was confronted by a woman, using words like passion, deep and thoughtful, trying to decipher the deeper meaning behind these compositions.

I felt obliged to respond, but for some reason was unable to open p as much as maybe I should have. Perhaps there is therapy in my future for this issue.

But if you do have a willingness to ask the questions, anytime soon,
I'll do my best to provide better answers.


By The TrueVulgarians
Tag: Halloween 2014 Song Submission

The Monster

The Monster Here's our submission for this year's Halloween Song project, a little number called "The Monster".  My sister Jacki does the lead vocal and, basically, I did the rest, including words and music.  The song, though submitted for Halloween, has, unfortunately for those who have been there, year-round application... lol.  Treat or Treat!
The Monster">The Monster
By carmella.inchierchiera
Tag: New Song Released

Brand New Release titled Why ?

My song titled Why ? has been release .. 

Thank you Nelson Blanchard for Producing + Performing Why ? and bringing all I write alive..
Special Thank you to the Great Larry Franklin from Nashville Tenn, on Fiddle.
Larry has played Fiddle on cuts by most of the Major Artist.. 
Thank you to my Family, Friends and Fans who Keep Me Inspired to Create Song..
 / 25