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letter to Routine

09/02/14 12:00:00AM
By: Marco Akamawa  Tag: GOODMORNING WORLD

The First Step and Most...

09/01/14 12:00:00AM
By: Josephrodz  Tag: News

Hurry Hurry

09/01/14 12:00:00AM
By: Marco Akamawa  Tag: GOODMORNING WORLD

That Time of Year Again -...

08/31/14 12:00:00AM
By: Admin  Tag: News

wishing hope and strength, to a...

08/31/14 12:00:00AM
By: Marco Akamawa  Tag: GOODMORNING WORLD

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A Cool Ride

09/02/14 03:27:18AM

Get The Picture

09/01/14 06:31:26PM
By: BigPete

Shuffle Off To Monday

09/01/14 04:58:26PM
By: RS Cain

Dont Wanna Fall

09/01/14 12:03:56PM

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Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

09/14/14 8am
Longhorn Saloon

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

09/14/14 8am
Longhorn Saloon 121 W....

Jill Towers at The Attic Door

Jill Towers at The Attic Door

09/05/14 8pm
28 W. Plant St, Winter...

Thawind Mills @ Landon Winery

Thawind Mills @ Landon Winery

08/30/14 1pm
Landon Winery 101 N...

Marco Akamawa Live @ Belcour - Zeist City-Centre The Netherlands for Friends for Friends Org

Marco Akamawa Live @...

08/30/14 12am
Belcour - Zeist City-Centre...

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By Josephrodz
Tag: News

The First Step and Most Important Thing in Learning Guitar

The First Step and Most Important Thing in Learning Guitar


Most of the guitar lovers playing guitar for few years but still unsatisfied with their progress. They feel like still stand at the starting point and can't enjoy their playing. This mainly caused by most of them don't build up a strong foundation at the beginning. I found that some of the guitar learners even just playing guitar for one to two years but are more better than so many that playing for over five years. This is the foundation problems. Me myself was an example when I started playing guitar long time ago.
The secrets of learning guitar are mostly base on the foundation.To have a good foundation for future success,we need three important factors :-
Ear training is a MUST basic training that every guitar learner should have. But most of them avoid this as quite a boring and time-consuming job. Without a good listening, we are unable to move to higher level.
To overcome this problems, I suggest that guitar learners may choose one of the well known Ear Training software on internet. I found that there are few really good software that will improve your listening step by step and really FUN. You feel like playing game when you learn.

2.Daily practice: (Both fingers and ears)
Daily practice is another important thing we should do.(Ex.fingers exercises, practice for the basic scales)
I suggest that beginners practice PENTATONIC SCALES at the starting point because this scales are the most simple scales that only have 5 tones. Try to practice 20 to 30 minutes daily. Remember that even just 20 minutes of RELAX and CONCERNTRATION DAILY practice is more effective than few hours of unconstant practice.

3.Look for a teacher:
You may find either private guitar teacher or guitar lessons on internet. For my opinions,learn guitar from internet maybe better because of the convinience of time and cheaper. There is just one question of learning from internet that what lessons to choose, what lessons are really work.
Myself as a guitar lover have been playing guitar for 15 years.

I do the research on guitar lessons from internet over 5 years for myself and my groups. I've spent a lot of money for it. Recently I just built up my own little web page telling guitar lovers a few good guitar lessons that really work and would like to share with all of you.
By Admin
Tag: News

That Time of Year Again - Halloween Songs 2014

That Time of Year Again - Halloween Songs 2014 Yep it is that time of year again. Halloween Songs for 2014!! As many of you know, for the last 8 or 9 years we have been doing Halloween Songs and it has always been fun. Considering all of the "site songs" we do, this has probably been the favorite from everyone. 

If you have not done one before, here is how it works. Create your spookiest or funniest Halloween Song you can. You have plenty of time to get it done and also enough time to find other artists to work with if you want to collaborate. Vocals are not required so do not feel like you have to have them in. 

Obviously the due date will be Oct 31st but if at all possible, let's try and get them in by October 25th. This will give our DJ's plenty of time to get them added into their shows. When you upload them, please use a genre of "Halloween 2014" so we can find them easy. I will see if I can get some added from prior years so you can have a listen and get some ideas. 

Please post if you have any questions!!
By Admin
Tag: News

Welcome New Artists

We have had a ton of new artists signing up on Mixposure and I just wanted to take a moment and welcome everyone! The site can be a little confusing at first so please speak up if you are having any trouble. We will be glad to point you in the right direction.

By Admin
Tag: News

Song Review Updates Made Easier

I just wanted to let everyone know that we added a small icon on the New Song Page with a small pen on it. When clicked it will bring up a window to add song reviews. This is much easier I think.  I will be adding these to all of the chart pages soon also. I may need to tweak the popup size a bit since it auto resizes and I think it is a bit large on some computers. Your mileage may vary :).



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Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

By Otto DJ, 2013-10-09

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air to provide you a continuous stream of amazing Mixxposure.com Artists!

Posted in: MixRadio | 0 comments
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By Marco Akamawa

letter to Routine

letter to Routine
my good old server called Routine


she let me down and I've never seen


her do this any time before


I hope it's not her dual-core



last night when I was working

on a site called FriendsforFriends

I happily heard her purring

but have not heard her since


her disks and there are four of them

they are ok coz I just checked

and both her little hearts still beat

relief they're not whacked


her eighty zillion bytes of ram

can still uphold her thought

maybe it is only

a little cold she caught


so while I'm writing this

with a thermometer stuck in her bum

I realize that AYAYAY

I'm plain and stupidly dumb


her bootsection I changed it myself

and after I went to sleep

she tried to upgrade like an old girl would

which boot-kicked her into a coma so deep


oooff now while I'm still writing this

I sent a new letter to Routine

gave her a warm kiss and cold reboot too

she's as happy now as she's ever been

Have a nice day Y'All
Love, Marco
By Marco Akamawa

Hurry Hurry

Hurry Hurry
hurry hurry

no time to waste

long live my work

long live my haste

except for me

if I don't take time

for myself

to give a dime

well dear people, that was a quicky
for the time being
'coz I keep lookin' at my watch
which by the way is all I'm seeing

Have a great one Y'All!
Love, Marco

By Marco Akamawa

wishing hope and strength, to a very dear friend

wishing hope and strength, to a very dear friend
with a loving smile

I think of you

beloved mother

of many children


you're being called

to continue your journey

from this great world

into a next


it is with awe

and immense respect

that I look back

to yesterday


june last year

when I first met you

when I knew

and understood


the impact you gave me

lives on in my heart

I know my soul

will thrive on it


so that one day

in another future

I can look at you

and I can say


so good to see you

beloved Engely

and still will wear 

the loving smile

that I wear

every day
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