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Latest Comments
Re: Stef Step Away
07/28/15 01:14:57AM
By: Geeztown

Thanks @gene-Smith!

Re: New Song
07/27/15 11:05:38PM
By: Admin

very nice Sam!

Re: Stef Step Away
07/27/15 10:06:12PM
By: Gene Smith

I like, a lot

Re: Showcase of...
07/27/15 10:02:18PM
By: Gene Smith

There is no "owe" here Harry, IMO it is the artists sharing their music, their craft, and their friendship that makes Mixposure what it is and what it has always been. Sorry for butting in Doug lol.

Re: Showcase of...
07/27/15 07:24:35PM
By: Harry V singer...

Thanks Douglas, and thanks Friends on Mixposure. God knows I owe you all.

stephan foster
Re: Saw the...
07/27/15 05:20:14PM
By: stephan foster

Dazed-so true and one only needs look as far as Michael Jackson. There was nobody around that would step up and say that's not a good idea to do . . . As the song goes "And all the world will...

Doug Dickens
Re: Charcoal in the Snow
07/27/15 05:04:47PM
By: Doug Dickens

Well done Harry. Glad we talked about this album and looking forward to tomorrow nites show.

Doug Dickens
Re: -Dusk-
07/27/15 03:01:35PM
By: Doug Dickens

When I look for perfection, I know just where to look. Fantastic presentation.

Re: Leave Her To...
07/26/15 08:18:17PM
By: David C Deal

Thank you Cooter..

Mikael Larsson
Re: Thinking Of You
07/26/15 10:16:41AM
By: Mikael Larsson

Thank you so much Doug!

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11/01/13 10:32:21AM, by Farrell Jackson

Maui AMPFest 2015 (Part 2) or Maui AMPFest 2015.1

05/21/15 11:31:01PM, by TheJulianDay
Alison Reynolds

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04/23/15 09:22:14AM, by Alison Reynolds
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Welcome to Mixposure everyone! Please enjoy the great music here!

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Showcase of Independent Artists

07/27/15 12:00:00AM
By: Doug Dickens  Tag: MixRadio

Saw the documentary "Amy"

07/21/15 11:45:00AM
By: Farrell Jackson  Tag: Film Review

New Song

07/20/15 12:00:00AM
By: Sam Houston  Tag: Music


07/17/15 12:00:00AM
By: Admin  Tag: News

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Stef Step Away

07/27/15 01:40:13AM


07/26/15 04:38:34AM
By: MonnieB

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Bud's 60th Birthday Rockin Blues Party

Bud's 60th Birthday Rockin...

09/17/15 12am
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Summer Blast 2015

Summer Blast 2015

08/28/15 6pm
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08/08/15 9pm
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Chop Suey Presents: Kill The Keg

Chop Suey Presents: Kill...

08/02/15 3pm
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Site News

By Admin
Tag: News


Hey Gang!

Just wanted to apologize for not being around much. It has been a remodeling few months and I am finally getting caught up. Our computer room was just done and now we have it put back together. I can finally use my computer properly!!


By Admin
Tag: News

Kudos To Taylor Swift


I was reading the above on Fox today and like her or not, you have to appluad what she is doing. It is about time an artist stood up for well, artists.  Too many times companies profit off the hard work of musicians. If it was that easy, we would all be on the Billboard Charts. The reality is, I think it is easier to become a pro athlete than a professional musician. How many pro athletes in the world vs musicans making the same kind of money? 


By Admin
Tag: News

Best Concert?

Best Concert?

I was thinking about this today and trying to determine what was the best concert I went to. I have not been to a ton of concerts but off the top of my head I can remember Queen, Rainbow/Pat Travers, JGeils, Van Halen several times, Sammy Hagar a few times, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, RUSH (many times), Pat Travers, Dio and a bunch of others I can't recall.

I still think seeing Sammy solo was the most entertaining. He was just a powerhouse of a showman. The guy was all over the stage and up near the roof for a bit. RUSH was amazing from a musicians standpoint. Those three guys sound like they have 20 people playing.  

Queen was my fist concert as a young kid. I was already playing guitar at that time but that show really turned me on to what a band was all about and the fun that could be had!

Feel free to chime in!

By Admin
Tag: News

Next Site Song

We are due for a new Mixposure Site Song. I am thinking a Same Song Title Madness. What do you guys think? 

 / 214
Mixstream Radio

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

By Otto DJ, 2015-01-01
Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air

Mixposure Otto DJ Is On The Air to provide you a continuous stream of amazing Mixxposure.com Artists! Otto was born in a cave in the Andes, and was raised by a famiy of Alpacas. He made his first guitar from the bark of a rare Mixposure tree, and often serenaded the fabled Yeti with an impromptu version of Purple Haze, accompanied by a Unicorn. 

Posted in: MixRadio | 0 comments
Premium Blogs

By Farrell Jackson
Tag: Film Review

Saw the documentary "Amy"

Saw the documentary "Amy"

Gayle and I took in a matinee at The State Theater yesterday. They usually have an interesting avant-garde menu of movies on a regular basis. Another plus is they serve adult beverages, lol!

We saw the documentary on Amy Winehouse. It's was surprising how many home movies and on the road videos that were taken of her every move, which included all the ups and downs of someone spiraling  out of control with substance abuse and bulimia. She had a great voice and songwriting style that I liked especially when she gravitated away from the heavy jazz style to include a bit more pop. I didn't realize she played guitar as well as she did. The sad thing was how all the people that surrounded her, that could have truly helped her were  leaches and in it to grab all they could for themselves. Her dad was the worst of the bunch.

The scenes with her recording a duet with Tony Bennett at Abbey Road Studios were excellent. Nice mics and recording gear!

Anyway, a bit depressing but a good one nonetheless. It reminded me of a parallel of Janis Joplin's life and struggles. I recommend it if it comes around.


By Sam Houston
Tag: Music

New Song

Up loaded a new song called "One More Tear Left To Cry" Please give it a listen if you get a chance.

By Harry V singer songwriter
Tag: Music

We Got Angels 2015

We Got Angels 2015

Hello Friends,
I'll be gone soon, for quite a while.
2 weeks ago I heard I am seriously ill, funny, don't feel it that way, just had a nasty cough for which I went to see my new doctor.
New doctor, cause I have moved not so long ago to this sweet little place where I live now, a peaceful rural village where nothing ever happens, like Sleepy Hollow.
So my new docotr studied my medical files. He didn't like the fact that I have been complaining about being tired for more than 10 years now. He sent me to the hospital for X rays and a CT scan.
There's a tumor in my right lung.
More study and tests have made clear the cancer has not spread, it seems to be dormant and of a variety that will not spread esily, so they decided for surgery which will take place soon, within 2 weeks.
So I'll be gone for a while, medic rehabilitation will follow most likely so all in all it might be months before I'm back, in what state we'll have to see.

We Got Angels in Heaven, I'm sure, there's no coincidence I moved and went to see another doctor who takes my complaints more seriously. If I would still see my old doctor there would have been a big chance we'd know nothing - I asked him for X rays and CT scans more than once, but didn't I look good and I am not 25 any more...

So we're lucky so far.

A few days before I heard this news I had started to remix end re master my very first album We Got Angels.
My first love, since that album (1995) my music took a U turn and I never left that new trail, it led me to various places like Reverbnation and finally to Mixposure.

Another thing that feels like a sign: I just uploaded 13 new tracks and my account seems to have reached its limit. I had exactly the needed amount of space left. 

Enjoy the music, I'm going to close this book for now, will have to make preparations for the time that comes, if I want to be ready and all set in a little more than a week I'll be very busy too.

Love you guys, Mixposure has brought me lots of fun and entertainment and some of the best Friends ever.

Find the music here, it's special to me, most about Children and War cause it was written during the war in Yugoslavia in the 90's, opening up and concluding with songs about Tienanmensquare June 4 1989.
Here's the album link, the player doesn't show them in the right order but the list of files underneath
shows the tracks in the right order. To my guardian Angel: 
We Got Angels 2015

Hold the fort till I get back! Love you one and all,

Harry V
sunday, july 12 2015

By Jims Artificial Earth


Congratulations, Kerrin! You deserve this. Artist of The Month July 2015. And that's a great picture of you, too. 

 / 25