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About Abysss

The Abysss

the collaboration of many artists ...

i first started out music at the age of 6 my mother and father bought a les paul custom for my older brother and gave me a old beat up banjo uke with steel strings .... i realy wanted an electric guitar so i cut the cord off my mums electric blanket hooked it upto the strings of the uke and turned on the power ....  the side of the house shook as the transformer outside blew up (thank god ) ... to cut a loing story short ... they ended up getting me an organ .... "beats head against wall"

anyway since then ive owned a few pro recording studios and worked with some very talented people over the years both in Australia and Canada and have finaly decided to work on my own project for a change ...

the songs on my page are the birth of this change for me .... as i try to find my direction in the music industry as an artist instead of a producer...

i never did get that les paul ... 


Dazz ... of the abysss  

by the way im allways trying to find a singers and musicans to collaborate with and bounce ideas off to create new songs,

Im very open to all generes of music so please if your interested and like what you hear please Contact me

email: mac@abyssmultimedia.com 

facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/abysss


Simple Minds .. Delirium... Enigma ...Di Antwood...
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White Snow

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album: Holiday Songs 2013
genre: Holiday Songs 2013
streams: 11

White Snow
12/20/13 10:17:03AM @darkreine:
Awesomeness runs in the family Dazz. Got this on my show tonight. Great track!!
12/20/13 12:00:52AM @abysss:
i was amazed when my 7 year old daughter presented me with this song for Xmas....