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Ashes - Featuring Brian Brooks

album: Song Collaborations
genre: Country
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  Song Lyrics
I'm sifting through these ashes picking up pieces from our past placing them together to rekindle a love to last   The flame that once was so strong always...
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Lyrics Co-written by:Linda Fry (LP) & Brian Brooks vocals/harmony vocals acoustic guitar/electric guitar  keyboards (pads, piano, bass) drums...
Ashes - Featuring Brian Brooks
Gary Shukoski
03/26/17 01:43:24AM @gary-shukoski:
Linda, I can see why this is one of your faves. Beautifully written and Brian did an amazing job with the music and vocals. So pretty!
Lyrical Princess
04/13/15 12:23:47PM @lyrical-princess:
Thank you,Tom. We sincerely appreciate your kind feedback. Unfortunately, I'm sure a lot of folks can relate. Times like those are hard enough without extra reminders. Who needs t-shirts like that anyway ? ;)

All The Best,

04/13/15 11:15:52AM @tom-foster-morris:
Been there, done that, no T-shirt, scars only. Well done. Great interpretation of your beautiful lyrics. Kudos.
Lyrical Princess
04/01/15 01:50:42PM @lyrical-princess:
On behalf of Brian and myself, I would like to thank you all for your wonderful comments. It means a lot to us that you enjoy our song. You're all an inspiration to me. Thank you so much!! :)
03/30/15 07:19:42AM @mach:
Nice soft touches on the guitars Brian. The subtle background orchestration anchors this fine piece of music. KUDOS on recording & mixing. Linda congrats on a great set of lyrics. Great Job!


03/29/15 10:03:15PM @sylkay:
Sliding by to say respectfully how much i enjoyed your new song Ashes.
Brian does a fab job on the melancholy delivery of such great lyrics.

Lyrical Princess
03/29/15 12:10:40AM @lyrical-princess:
Thank you Gene. We appreciate your kind words
03/28/15 09:22:24PM @gene-smith:
Oh this came out VERY nice indeed! Great job you two


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