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Michael Stone

Like It Was Yesterday

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genre: Acoustic
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A rough acoustic version of one of my latest
Like It Was Yesterday
01/01/18 03:07:31PM @ms-p:
Acoustical Guitar Coupled with Your wonderful Vocals...wow...I love looking through Haystacks now because I find needles that prick my interests in such a wonderful way. This is no exception.
Wonderful song. Nicely performed.....

Ms. P

Michael Stone
01/01/14 06:33:04AM @michael-stone:
Hi Baroness... Thank you for your nice comment. I'd never thought of '1940's film noir', but I'm taking that characterization to the bank. ;) Welcome to 2014. A year of great musical promise from the kid for sure... ~M~
Barefoot Music
01/01/14 01:30:31AM @barefoot-music-group:
So much emotion, reminds me of a music track for a 1940's film Noir romance.
Love this Michael.

Michael Stone
07/12/13 01:12:21PM @michael-stone:
The amazing thing about this is that I'm not sure I could ever repeat the feel. Writing and recording it so quickly was an amazing experience. Thanks for listening
Michael Stone
05/08/11 04:26:36PM @michael-stone:
Hey Bri-an.. Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes simpler is better.... Plus I wrote this song in 10 mins and just wanted to get it out there before I produced it.
05/07/11 03:06:43PM @bri-an:
Hey Michael, nice performance...did elevate the topic nicely.. I always appreciate the "guy on the chair..with his acoustic" ..cause thats makes for a natural real time event, ( a rare occurrence now-adays) manufacturing the courage it takes to play a song like this...in this format., speaks volumes about the musician.
great to hear this.


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