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Latest Comments
carol sue
Re: live for the moments
04/25/15 05:16:40AM
By: carol sue

((thank you))

Re: Next Site Song
04/25/15 01:53:54AM
By: elektronz

horror theme would be good ,,i like doing them :)

Re: New Album...
04/25/15 12:51:05AM
By: TLT50

Superbly creative and well done.... *Kudos*..... Holley

Re: The Days Seemed...
04/24/15 07:45:36PM
By: Mindless Hope

Kick ass production!

Re: Going Away
04/24/15 05:19:40PM
By: Papi

Mr. Parker. Really nice tune with a lot of feel good vibe to it. Enjoyable listen with some of the charm being the sound like an old tape recording from the radio or a vinyl record. Still I can't...

Re: New Album...
04/24/15 04:16:57PM

Holley we need to do a special show featuring your tunes.

Re: Next Site Song
04/24/15 07:45:28AM

Thrap away thrap away thrap away................... LOL

Re: Next Site Song
04/24/15 04:54:54AM
By: elektronz

lol what about the "thrap song " who ever puts lyrics to this ill shall worship from afar forever lolol :D

04/23/15 02:54:21PM
By: David C Deal

Now This is certainly more the Mykall I was accustomed to. Most creative sir.

04/23/15 02:53:21PM
By: David C Deal

enjoyable, live feel rock Mykall. Good hearing your stuff.. seems like it had been awhile.

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carol sue

carol sue

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Alison Reynolds

New Kid!

04/23/15 09:22:14AM, by Alison Reynolds
Farrell Jackson


11/01/13 10:32:21AM, by Farrell Jackson

Follow us on Spotify

04/12/15 08:30:45AM, by Stickman

Looking For A Female Vocalist

02/15/15 11:42:52AM, by Hypocrita
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Gene Smith

email the DJ
Name: Gene Smith
Influences: Mixsposure Artists of course!
Songs: 5
views: 27406


Played music, stopped, played some more, rinse and repeat... Starting with a clean slate and hope to have some music up someday. Till then I'll...

Jims Artificial Earth

email the DJ
Name: Jims Artificial Earth
Influences: Everyone, probably you, too.
Songs: 146
views: 100565


Mixposure Surgeon General's Warning:

I am the guitarist, bass player and sometimes vocalist for the Rockstep band, Kara, with Kerrin...

Radio Show Info:

I am the DJ for the Aardvark Express, on Mondays on Mixstram radio. It is a rock show, for the most part, although I play other genres as well. The chat room for my show is lively, and you can have a good time there without leaving your chair.


email the DJ
Name: Josephrodz
Influences: ALL
Songs: 23
views: 67876


Joseph Rodriguez is a solo guitarist looking for a big...

Radio Show Info:

THE METAL MASTER SHOW Thursday evening 7:00PM EST

Mix Radio DJ Corner

email the DJ
Name: Mix Radio DJ Corner
Songs: 33
views: 26632


this page is the home for Mixstream Radio Podcasts, from our many and awesome DJs: Doug Dickens, Vigwig (Victor Lopez) Joseph Rodriguez (the...

Vig Wig

email the DJ
Name: Vig Wig
Influences: Farrell Jackson, LP, Kalo, Joseph and the rest of the gang
Songs: 72
views: 24145


I began writing as a kid.  In high school I was renowned for off-the-wall papers.  In the 70's, 80's and 90's I managed to get lots of letters...

Radio Show Info:

DJ Vigwwig is on the air Wednesdays at 7 pm Eastern time.  He plays almost anything and some of his own.  He is not limikted to any one genre, but hip hop and rap should include a warning when their are explicit lyrics or a green light when there are no explicit words in your song otherwise I will assume there are explicit words and won't play your rap or hiphop songs.  I will make an effort usually to play requests but de to band widths on my end and programs running simultaneously, I can rarely download a track while on the air.  By the same token, I have difficulty opening email to pick up a new tune while on the air.  I do have a vault of over 3000 tracks so I might already have it and this is the best case scenario for playing a request while on the air.  I am very accommodating :-)

Feel free to pm me while I'm on te air because I will also be in the chat room.  I reserve the right  to turn off my pm's if I become overwhelmed with them.  We are all there to have fun so please keep it light hearted and in English  (a little non-English is tolerated, especially if you can't speak English).  I have a warped sense of humour so be on the look out for off the wall comments.  I will feel like you don't like me if you disappear without saying goodbye.

If you have a nickname I don't remember or recognize, be aware that I will ask you point blank who you are; if you have a page at the mixposure site or if you are just a passing shepherd or idle person waiting for the bus.  Water is free from the cash bar and ice will run you 75 cents unless it comes with a drink.  Pickled eggs are for paying customers only and worms in your drinks are extra.  No smoking unless you land one of the barstools with a smoking cone (also known as "the cone of silence).  It is not recommended you have eaten beans or boiled cabbage or BBQ before entering a smoking cone or it ma turn into an exploding cone or a gas chamber, but if you must please have a designated body taker-outer.


email the DJ
Name: BobbyGO1CR
Songs: 0
views: 20524

Radio Show Info:

Bubba Reaves Show Every Saturday Night .Starting At 8=PM EST Time .

Hope You Can Join Me On The MixRadio. The Best Indie Music on The Net

MixRadio AutoDJ

email the DJ
Name: MixRadio AutoDJ
views: 1125


I could tell you....but then I would have to kill you. Let sufice it to say that I am your friendly neighborhood AutoDJ spinning...


email the DJ
Name: Kara
Influences: Many things, mostly evil things...
Songs: 56
views: 14036


Kåra is an American Electronic...

Doug Dickens

email the DJ
Name: Doug Dickens
Influences: Early blues artists and songwriters.
Songs: 21
views: 16666


     The task of writing your own songs is mercilous in it's complexity.  Some songs come in the dead of nite while others are a process of time...

Otto DJ

email the DJ
Name: Otto DJ
views: 2237

Barefoot Music

email the DJ
Name: Barefoot Music
Influences: janis joplin, pasty cline, linda rhonstadt, bonnie raiit, susan tedeschi, gary moore, snowy white, jj cale, etta james, jackson browne, pink floyd, robin trower, jimmy page, sam mitchell, bb king, albert king, robert johnson, john lee hooker, the doors,
Songs: 5
views: 12237




Radio Show Info:


Barefoot Rock n Blues (no shoes required) is yet another chased dream coming into focus for me. My family & friends have long kidded with me that I am a repressed DJ.  Well... no longer repressed.

Thank you Mixposure for this spectacular opportunity.

I'm excited and quite proud to become part of Mixposure's team, and to be an active messenger of the finest Independent Music to old and new listeners- widening their own music awareness. I've worked since I was a teen to help promote & support independent music and finding a home on Miposure is an extension of that passion and devotion.

Barefoot Rock n Blues is a Blues/Rock genre show- (with latitude of course). My intent is to create shows with different themes or formats. Some planned shows I intend to include are "Double Shots"-" Blues on the Rocks" (rock overtones)-" An Evening w/ the Greatest Blues (or) Rock Guitarists" -:Storytelling-Blues Style" - "USA- Blues n Rock" - "International Blues Night."
I look forward to this fork in the road of life's journey's and hope that y'all will find the path to my shows and enjoy the experience. Supporting and promoting the incredible talent available is awe-inspiring daily.





email the DJ
Name: Nightcrawler
Influences: skinny puppy ministry Throbbing gristle megadeth slayer mayhem behemoth etc
views: 344