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Latest Comments
Farrell Jackson
Re: Cousin Dupree
11/29/15 10:00:30AM
By: Farrell Jackson

Hey Mr. Cain this is such a good cover from the excellent vocals to the perfect instrumentation. There's certainly no need to apologize to Donald Fagen and Walter Becker.....I'm certain they would...

2012 BC
Re: What Child Is...
11/28/15 09:55:34PM
By: 2012 BC

Oh Man...how angelic....killer stuff

Re: What Child Is...
11/28/15 01:41:19PM
By: David C Deal

Sounding mighty fine! More "info" on the recording would be pleasant.

Re: Schedule
11/28/15 12:21:01PM
By: Josephrodz

Awesome Gene!

Ariels Attic
Re: Help Me Fly
11/27/15 10:49:46PM
By: Ariels Attic

Awesome track Doc.. Brings a tear every time.. You know why..

Ariels Attic
Re: Easy Way Out
11/27/15 10:37:37PM
By: Ariels Attic

Love this track.. It smells, and tastes like North Eastern Ohio to me..

Farrell Jackson
Re:  Mysteries of the...
11/27/15 03:50:39PM
By: Farrell Jackson

Cool instrumental Bill! It reminds me of a soundtrack to one of Connan The Destroyer movies....not that it's a copy, it just has the same vibe...well done!

Farrell Jackson
Re: Mixposure Radio...
11/27/15 03:46:25PM
By: Farrell Jackson

Thanks Gene! I hope one of the DJ's find it useful

Jims Artificial Earth
Re: Schedule
11/27/15 01:07:46PM
By: Jims Artificial...

Very nice, Gene!

Farrell Jackson
Re: Undercurrents
11/27/15 10:29:12AM
By: Farrell Jackson

This is crazy good folks! I like listening to heavy metal songs with distorted guitars but some of the gruff/screaming vocals that get placed with this genre tends to wear on my ears and sound the...

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10/06/15 06:48:50PM, by ZEST


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Gene Smith

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Name: Gene Smith
Influences: Mixsposure Artists of course!
Songs: 5
views: 30666


Played music, stopped, played some more, rinse and repeat... Starting with a clean slate and hope to have some music up someday. Till then I'll...

Jims Artificial Earth

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Name: Jims Artificial Earth
Influences: Everyone, probably you, too.
Songs: 149
views: 107252


Mixposure Surgeon General's Warning:

I am the guitarist, bass player and sometimes vocalist for the Rockstep band, Kara, with Kerrin...

Radio Show Info:

I am the DJ for the Aardvark Express, on Mondays on Mixstram radio. It is a rock show, for the most part, although I play other genres as well. The chat room for my show is lively, and you can have a good time there without leaving your chair.

Mix Radio DJ Corner

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Name: Mix Radio DJ Corner
Songs: 65
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this page is the home for Mixstream Radio Podcasts, from our many and awesome DJs: Doug Dickens, Vigwig (Victor Lopez) , Toni The Barefoot...


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Name: EBS
Influences: It started with cavemen banging rocks together, and grows each new artist I listen to.
Songs: 6
views: 14059

Radio Show Info:

 I am the host of Prime Cut's Saturday Night w/ EBS on Mixstream Radio. So tune in if you can. I play A little bit of everything with a focus on Rock and Heavier stuff. I have been around the since the inception of Mixstream Radio, so I like to think I have a pretty good knowledge base of most of the music on Mixposure. I'm always looking for new ideas and always open to suggestions. If you have music you would like to debut or you just have requests, please let me know. I feature artist spotlights, and all kinds of other features, but you'll have to tune in Saturday Nights starting at 8:00 PM EST and finishing up whenever I get tired...lol


Click on the link and pick a name and join us in the chatroom 

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Name: cooter
Influences: Everything, everywhere, all the time.
Songs: 5
views: 26202


UPDATED Jan 15, 2015

MixRadio AutoDJ

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Name: MixRadio AutoDJ
views: 1485


I could tell you....but then I would have to kill you. Let sufice it to say that I am your friendly neighborhood AutoDJ spinning...


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Name: Kara
Influences: Many things, mostly evil things...
Songs: 56
views: 16088


Kåra is an American Electronic...

Doug Dickens

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Name: Doug Dickens
Influences: Early blues artists and songwriters.
Songs: 21
views: 22453


     The task of writing your own songs is mercilous in it's complexity.  Some songs come in the dead of nite while others are a process of time...

Otto DJ

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Name: Otto DJ
views: 2977

Barefoot Music Group

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Name: Barefoot Music Group
Influences: janis joplin, pasty cline, linda rhonstadt, bonnie raiit, susan tedeschi, gary moore, snowy white, jj cale, etta james, jackson browne, pink floyd, robin trower, jimmy page, sam mitchell, bb king, albert king, robert johnson, john lee hooker, the doors,
Songs: 5
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Radio Show Info:







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Name: Nightcrawler
Influences: skinny puppy ministry Throbbing gristle megadeth slayer mayhem behemoth etc
views: 1453

Mixstream Radio Podcasts

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Name: Mixstream Radio Podcasts
views: 116

The Showcase of Independent Artists

email the DJ
Name: The Showcase of Independent Artists
Songs: 5
views: 1423


It has been eight years since I originally started the Showcase of Independent Artists on my facebook pages and have been carrying on from then....

Remnant X Radio

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Name: Remnant X Radio
views: 180

Mark Neuhart

email the DJ
Name: Mark Neuhart
Influences: Challenge, Music,People
Songs: 12
views: 377


It's a Variety Show Yo! From Alternative Rock to Country,Blues,Rock and Clasical, ...and then around the corner to whatever!
Interviews with...

Radio Show Info:

Mark Steven Neuhart

Musician/Editor/Promoter/Public speaker

Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona USA