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Mr. Funktastic

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Mr. Funktastic
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Mr. Funktastic A.K.A Joe Funktastic was born a child in the inner-city in Boston, Massachusetts in the 1960's.  Music was always heard in my home.  Soul, RnB, Blues and Funk ruled the day.  I played the drums in school but it just never caught on to the level of a band.

Later in life I took up audio engineering in the 1970's.  Became quite good at it and was know as that neighborhood producer people would turn to for advice, mixtapes and remixes.  In the 1980's I joined the U.S. Army.  I am Veteran of the U.S. Army and served during the Cold War period.  I read and studied music in my spare time.  Upon recieving my honorable discharge from the Army I found music now being mostly distressed by digitized music.  Being use to Anolog methods I walked away from music altogether.  I wasn't happy with the direction music has taken.  One day a friend showed me something musically related he was doing his computer.  I was hooked into music once again and I started to apply what I learned from past years and apply it to today's music.

Now in my, 40s, In 2012 I was honored as the #2 greatest loop producer in 2012 on Looperman.com.  Today I produce Funk music a lot because that where I come from musically.  I have tried many other Genres but it is Funk music is what makes me who I am.  There is a religious side to me so I thank God for this musical journey I am on.  I thank all of my family, friends and fans, and finally Mixposure.com

James Brown, George Clinton, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Frankie Lymon
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Lost Joe Move Just On Up by Joe Funktastic

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album: Funk Music
genre: Funk
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Lost Joe Move Just On Up by Joe Funktastic
Joe Funktastic
04/11/14 10:11:08PM @mr-funktastic:
Larry I realize that Funk is still hot. I am glad I got you on the wagon with me, or is it I'm with you? Well any way Much thanks and respect to you always!
Joe Funktastic
04/11/14 10:08:05PM @mr-funktastic:
Thanks Carol-Sue! I am a 100% Mixposure guy! I closed some of my other accounts so that I may bring my newest Funk here first. Thank for the comments.
04/11/14 06:38:07PM @tlt50:
** OUTSTANDING **............... !~!