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Doug Dickens
Re: Thanks from the...
08/30/14 12:30:09PM
By: Doug Dickens

Sorry I missed the show, Gene; but let me offer my condolences to you over the loss of your friend. I know how you feel.

Rusty James
Re: Heart Broke Blues
08/30/14 06:46:05AM
By: Rusty James

Thanks Barefoot. This is another one from my series of "Songs that I never got around to recording" songs. Just like "The Party's Over" and "Creature Of The Shadows", (both from 1982), this song...

The Billy Arnett Band
Re: Redemption
08/30/14 04:34:59AM
By: The Billy Arnett...

Thanks so much for your review and kind words.

The Billy Arnett Band
Re: What's A Man To Do
08/30/14 04:33:55AM
By: The Billy Arnett...

Thank you!

The Billy Arnett Band
Re: What's A Man To...
08/30/14 04:32:17AM
By: The Billy Arnett...

Thank you for your review! We appreciate it.

Re: War Of A Star
08/29/14 07:35:05PM
By: Josephrodz

Love the distorted sound but waiting for your vocals that fit real cool on this beat.

Re: Cat's Paw...
08/29/14 07:32:20PM
By: Josephrodz

great collab and killer lyrics,wtg!

Farrell Jackson
Re: Steve & Bubba...
08/29/14 03:29:39PM
By: Farrell Jackson

Bubba said ur-a-pee-in, lol! That's cool to start early for our friends across the pond!

Mista Perez
Re: It's A Long Way Home
08/29/14 03:16:02PM
By: Mista Perez

Nice arrangement very europe sounding. Nicely recorded very crisp my friend.

Mista Perez
Re: Cat's Paw...
08/29/14 03:14:47PM
By: Mista Perez

It's good to come on and hear new music. This does not disappoint. Very well done collaboration my friends.

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  » News
01/09/14 08:00:00PM
By: Admin Posted in: News


As many of you know, Mike Foster from Avalanche passed away in June of 2013. Mike was a dear friend to many of the Mixposure family and he will always be missed.

David Pendragon spent a lot of time with Mike and was putting together a documentary of the band Avalanche. David sent me the below and I was quite pleased when I read it. Below is what he sent me.

.....The link is not at this stage released to Youtube however the URL supplied here will allow Mixposure members to see the show [for free!] I know Michael would have wanted his friends here to have the opportunity to see what he had been working on in the last few months of his life so here it is.  Its a very high quality production and would look good on the home page I think. Could you PLEASE remind folks to hit the HD button at Youtube to play it back in 720p. AVALANCHE HARD ROCK DOCUMENTARY">AVALANCHE HARD ROCK DOCUMENTARY

So with that, I am very pleased to share this with everyone on Mixposure. 

John R. Kennedy
01/31/14 06:28:12PM @john-r-kennedy:
This video is an expression of true love for ones country and the people who help to keep it safe and of those not afraid to express their thoughts and opinions, through music and lyrics. Michael was just one such person that was able to pull it off with dignity. He may not have mad the big band scene, but he truly was bigger than life of many bands out there today. Thank you Michael for your devotion to your beliefs, you will be missed.

Thank you Mixposure for the link to a beautiful piece of work.

Peace and Blessings to all, John
mac charles
01/15/14 11:18:24PM @mac-charles:
This is a well done piece of work, I'm glad I was able to see it and I thank you for posting. I knew Mike, avalanche and their music through another site......I feel as though they have been given a tiny bit of their due with this documentary, a step in the right direction.
2012 BC
01/11/14 06:32:56PM @2012-bc:
This is the best thing I have watched in quite some time...hats off to David Pendragon for capturing the true awesome power of this group of hellafied musicians.....another testimony to the power of music.....thanks for posting this!
01/10/14 11:16:56AM @josephrodz:
Awesome & thanks for the link!
01/10/14 01:11:25AM @gene-smith:
Best 49 minutes I have spent in quite some time. Awesome.
Farrell Jackson
01/10/14 12:36:15AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks for posting up the link to this documentary about Avalanche Dazed! It was a well spent 48 minutes of understanding Avalanche. David Pendragon did an exceptional job of capturing the life of the band with Michael Foster's drive and motivations. They were a rock band of rock bands....RIP Mike.

Farrell Jackson