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último Comentarios
Re: No Stranger...
08/23/14 12:31:30AM
por: Gene Smith

Awesome track Farrell, played it tonight on the show!

Farrell Jackson
Re: Titles
08/23/14 12:03:09AM
por: Farrell Jackson

Another fine song! Sort of Folksy Country or in-between. No matter the genre...it sounds good to my ears and that's what counts! I like the electric guitar work in this and the lyric is creative in...

Farrell Jackson
Re: I Took A Walk
08/22/14 11:56:28PM
por: Farrell Jackson

A very tight sound! Excellent vocals and the acoustic guitar has a nice airy sparkle to it. I like it! Farrell

Doug Dickens
Re: Fairview By The Fire
08/22/14 09:28:40PM
por: Doug Dickens

Wendy, this song is just like a well choreographed dance. Love the flute and it's weaving pattern throughout the song.

Doug Dickens
Re: Take My Coffee Black
08/22/14 09:25:58PM
por: Doug Dickens

Definitely one of my all time favorites, Wendy.

Doug Dickens
Re: I Took A Walk
08/22/14 09:15:14PM
por: Doug Dickens

Nice vocals ... all and all a hit with me.

Barefoot Baroness
Re: 02 I Stand
08/22/14 09:13:57PM
por: Barefoot Music

Fell in like right away with your lyrics and sound. Nice style. I echo the welcome to Mixposure

Doug Dickens
Re:  Crying Shame
08/22/14 09:00:17PM
por: Doug Dickens

Beautiful ballad ... everything about it is a vision into the heart. Love it...........

Doug Dickens
Re: 02 I Stand
08/22/14 08:41:11PM
por: Doug Dickens

Love your approach George and welcome to mix. This is a real fine tune.

Doug Dickens
Re: No Stranger...
08/22/14 08:16:42PM
por: Doug Dickens

Good tune Farrell .... love the piano break.

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Mixposure 2013 Rock and Country Music Awards

  » News
03/01/14 08:00:00PM
By: Admin Posted in: News

The voting pages are up for the Mixposure 2013 Rock and Country Music Awards! Thanks to everyone for entering. Please make sure your song is listed on the Poll. If it is not please post a message here and we will get it added. We will no longer accept any more new entries for this contest. 

Mixposure Country Award 2013 Voting

Mixposure Rock Award 2013 Voting

Good luck everyone!!!

FYI you must be registered to vote!



There were a few songs that had a plethora of votes from the same IP Address. These songs have been reset and the code modified to not allow this. As a reminder, Mixposure reserves the right to pull any song out of this contest where we suspect some dishonest activity. Let's have fun with this people!! This is not a huge cash reward and a record deal. 

04/02/14 10:26:23PM @ron-kauffman:
I'd have to dye my hair, have major surgery on my face done, forge a new birth certificate, then learn how to sing!!
04/02/14 10:21:28PM @ron-kauffman:
ROFLMAO....can you imagine me standing in line for an American Idol audition?
04/01/14 09:07:03PM @dazed:
LOL Ron. All entrants can go stand in line for American Idol though :).
04/01/14 06:04:49PM @ron-kauffman:
Heeeeeeeeeey...I just read the "additional" section on the contest. Whatcha' mean there's no record deal or huge cash award??? (J/K ya know, lol)
Farrell Jackson
03/28/14 08:12:47PM @farrell-jackson:
Is this contest over? A couple of my Mix folks fans went to vote and they can't seem to find the voting button?

03/16/14 09:51:36PM @admin:
Sorry about that Christer.
03/14/14 03:05:32PM @chrickon:
I don't know who have put my song "Hilly Billy" in this Contest? it's not me myself? OK with me but there is not the right song when push play?
Can someone correct that or delete it?
Thushan Ushanka
03/07/14 11:59:34AM @thushan-ushanka:
in *****Additional**** yes, you are right, that is a good movement,

I'll say to my friends vote for my song and any song what they liked,
and as I think they can register at mixposure via the FB...........

Thushan Ushanka
Farrell Jackson
03/03/14 05:45:47PM @farrell-jackson:
I looked at the MCA list and only see one of my entries listed, The Train To Normal. I also have This Is It, Taylor Write a Song About Me, and Pardon My Dust entered but they aren't showing on the list.


Farrell Jackson