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Farrell Jackson
Re: Here Comes Peter...
04/20/14 04:32:30PM
By: Farrell Jackson

Happy Easter to you and yours also Bill! Farrell

Farrell Jackson
Re: Newspaper article...
04/20/14 04:30:17PM
By: Farrell Jackson

An excellent exposure for Mixposure Dave! Also a great article about the skill and ease of collaborating with someone on the other side of the globe. It's a concept that most non musician folks...

Farrell Jackson
Re: Thank you from...
04/20/14 04:19:54PM
By: Farrell Jackson

Your shows are always interesting and filled with good songs and interviews Doug. So keep up the good work and thank you! Farrell

Farrell Jackson
Re: The Way I Feel...
04/20/14 04:15:28PM
By: Farrell Jackson

John, this instrumental goes well with my morning coffee on this Easter morning. Love the synth sounds! Farrell

Farrell Jackson
Re: HyperConAct
04/20/14 04:12:55PM
By: Farrell Jackson

Excellent punk rock and it clocks in under 2, at 1:39, like it should! You nailed the sound! Farrell

Farrell Jackson
Re: Setting Sun
04/20/14 04:09:32PM
By: Farrell Jackson

A beautiful song Gary and the lyric has real meaning....Everything has a setting sun. I often wonder if that is true about songs that get posted on the internet....maybe they will be around...

Re: Newspaper article...
04/20/14 04:15:24AM
By: Mike Kohlgraf

LOVE IT!!! :)

Re: Newspaper article...
04/20/14 04:09:04AM
By: Admin

This is awesome!!!!

Re: Here Comes Peter...
04/20/14 03:25:26AM
By: Gene Smith

To you and yours as well Bill.

Re: Newspaper article...
04/20/14 02:42:05AM
By: Gene Smith

VERY, VERY cool!

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Mixposure.com is Proud to Announce an Evening with Grammy Nominated Artist Linda Chorney!

  » News
12/13/13 01:00:00AM
By: Admin Posted in: News

Mixposure.com is Proud to Announce an Evening with Grammy Nominated Artist Linda Chorney!

Mixposure.com is Proud to Announce an Evening with Grammy Nominated Artist Linda Chorney!

It is a great pleasure to announce that Linda Chorney will be with us on the Showcase of Independent Artists broadcast this coming Tuesday evening at 8 PM EST, and also will be with us on Sunday, December 22nd starting at 2 PM EST. Linda will be with us on line for an interview both days. 

We will be discussing what it was like to be the first independent artist to garner a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year with her album, 'Emotional Jukebox'.  During the show we will also be tracking this amazing album while Linda and I talk about the various blockades that the Grammy organization has constructed so that an independent artist does not get into the mix in the future. 

This will be a very eye opening experience for all independent artists. This will speak to the need for further organization of the artists while working with each other in order to make a mark in a musical world that now feels threatened by the independents.  This should be an amazing nite of music and discussion that will leave us wanting more. 

I was there at the beginning of Linda's journey when she got the nomination and the excitement that was generated with the accomplishment and know that she has a lot to say.  She also has a new book about the experience that we will be discussing.  Tune in for a memorable evening with a seasoned professional singer/songwriter.  Linda Chorney is one of a kind.


Doug Dickens
12/23/13 08:25:36PM @doug-dickens:
Thanks to everyone for their support on this special broadcast.
Doug Dickens
12/18/13 05:36:53PM @doug-dickens:
Thanks a lot folks. I had a blast and I know that Linda did too. Join us on Sunday for another afternoon with this talented lady.
12/14/13 02:53:01PM @abysss:
great stuff ....
12/14/13 01:21:59AM @tlt50:
~Awesome,,,,Doug ~ Linda....."All the best"....:)