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Barefoot Baroness
Re: Vignesday is for...
07/23/14 06:17:53PM
By: Barefoot Music

And I.

Re: Vignesday is for...
07/23/14 04:43:23PM
By: Gene Smith

You crack me up Vig lol

Paul Stokes
Re: illuminite
07/23/14 01:59:00PM
By: Paul Stokes

Just got to the harmonica about two thirds of the way through. Awesome, just where it needs to be and it comes back in so sweetly. Great production also.

Paul Stokes
Re: illuminite
07/23/14 01:57:23PM
By: Paul Stokes

This is a really beautiful song, its construction, delivery, choice of key, everything, and the change in pace works brilliantly. Love it.

Paul Stokes
Re: Bit of This, Bit...
07/23/14 01:55:27PM
By: Paul Stokes

lovely stuff, like the hold off on the percussion. When it does come in it builds into the tune really well. Great tune.

Paul Stokes
Re: No Pain
07/23/14 01:53:38PM
By: Paul Stokes

Another great tune, love the syncopation between percussion and acoustic guitar. Great vocal arrangement and dynamics. The repeated riff works really well too.

Paul Stokes
Re: Long Dog
07/23/14 01:51:48PM
By: Paul Stokes

Cracking tune, had me on the intro. Really well arranged and vocally its very strong. Great production too. Its just such a great tune.

Re: Seven
07/23/14 10:55:54AM
By: matt tyson

Hi David, thanks for giving "Seven" a spin. hope you find time to check out some of the other music. mt

Re: Seven
07/22/14 09:49:30PM
By: David C Deal

When I saw my bud Dave liked your song I wanted to check myself. He has impeccable taste! Really fine progressive structure with just enough musically driven changes to enrapt my attention. (I made...

Re: Seven
07/22/14 07:17:13PM
By: matt tyson

Hey Dave, thanks for the nice comment. hope you may enjoy some of the other tracks. I'll stop by and check out some of your music soon.

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Song Reviews

  » News
02/06/14 08:00:00PM
By: Admin Posted in: News

Just a heads up everyone that we added in the ability for us to track song reviews (written and received) as well as the top reviewed songs. They look a little funky now but should kick in tomorrow as the counts start to sync up. We will be adding the counts on the artist pages like we had before also.



03/19/14 03:58:54PM @the-london-project:
Hi Todd, it looks like anytime someone comments on ANYTHING (Blogs etc) it registers as a song review - fyi
Carol Sue
02/26/14 11:23:34AM @carol-sue:
Thanks Todd! :)

I haven't spent a lot of time here lately, but I recently noticed the ratings (when you star a song) isn't transferring over to my page- as I had recently rated a song. Anyway, thanks for all you do & keep rockin' Mixposure! :)
anne davis
02/20/14 06:36:40PM @anne-davis:
I'm really thrilled you're adding that feature back! I remember years ago how nice that was....thanks! :0)
02/18/14 09:59:11AM @admin:
I will see what I can do Carol. These should be working in the next day or two. It looks like the song review counts work now so we are making progress :)
Carol Sue
02/17/14 01:15:30PM @carol-sue:
I always thought that was a cool feature...
Is there anyway to add back, the reviewers of "All time"
silly, I know... but I was always rather proud to have been
the top reviewer. Also, any plans to add back the birthday feature on front page? Keep up the good work, Mixposure~ sorry, I have not been around so much lately, but I still love this site.
Jims Artificial Earth
02/13/14 09:34:54AM @jims-artificial-earth:
I am so glad the reviews are back. That's what this place is all about: communication and collaboration!
Lyrical Princess
02/10/14 05:43:07AM @lyrical-princess:
This feature has really been missed. So happy to see it back :)
02/08/14 12:20:36PM @dazed:
I think it needs a bit of a tweak but it will get fixed.
02/08/14 02:11:04AM @cooter:
Todd, you rock, dude!!! I am so happy to see the top reviewed songs back on the front page. You da man.