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The Glass Poets Lyricists

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The Glass Poets Lyricists

About The Glass Poets Lyricists

We, The Glass Poets are 3 everyday, hard working, family folks whom have NEVER MET in person (YET) Douglas W White (formerly of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, Canada) lives in Sacramento, California, Michael A Bradshaw is in Slocomb, Alabama and Barbara Adkins is in Naples, Florida. We share in the same passion and dreams of becoming established song writers someday. To remain true to ourselves, our families and each other. Honesty, trust and the utmost integrity is expected.

We DO NOT consider ourselves as ENTERTAINERS but instead STORYTELLERS. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN IN A RECORDING STUDIO.  Once we have a solid lyrics base down then Douglas or Mike will lay down an accoustic guitar rhythm track and we take it from there. We play all of the instruments and do our own vocals so as you may hear how we wrote a piece to sound. And also for you as an artist to have a guide of how you may like to take the song and change it to your own. We are legally copyrighted and are registered with BMI for all of our material. We use our home PC recording programs such as Tascam, Majixs, Mixcraft and Adobe to mix down our tracks and clean them up as best as possible. Our goal is to sell our material to an established artist or up and comer in the music world. However if that does not happen - then so be it and it wasn't meant to be. It will not sway us from doing what we love to do. Write ORIGINAL lyrics and musical compositions and get them out to the world to hear.


1: Spirits Of Adventure

2: Stories Of Today & Gone Yesterdays

3: Life Is Not For Granted

4: Garage Sale

5: Move To Higher Ground - 5 original songs by Micheal A Bradshaw and 5 original songs by The Glass Poets - contemporary Christian - produced by Doo White of The Glass Poets

6: Untameable - a collaboration project between The Glass Poets (USA) & Internal Dealin - Kerry Harrison & Chris Guy ( Great Briton)

7: The Warmth Of Christmas - An Indie Artist Compilation - 10 indie artist from USA and Can with 14 original Christmas songs - coordinated/produced by Doo White of The Glass Poets

8: Storm On The Horizon 

Peace to you and yours

Douglas W. White


The Glass Poets Lyricists Song Writing Team

contact info:

Douglas W White (USA)

1 916 289 7845


Frank " Red " Raimondi (CANADA)


1 705 206 2270

Each other, our families, the lives that we live
CMB project Aparaatti

Cd signing - The Glass Poets 12pm - 3pm

Cd signing - The Glass Poets    12pm - 3pm
Featuring "The Glass Poets Lyricists"
Thursday October 31, 8:00 AM
@ The Bible House - 7601 Laguna Blvd Ste#160 - Elk Grove...

The Glass Poets and TMG present a promotional Cd signing for The Glass Poets Cd: Life Is Not For Granted. This cd is a 9 song project in the contemporary inspirational country christian genre. Songs about dealing with our lives and how our faith gets us through each and everyday.

Douglas W White - owner/founder of The Glass Poets will be there for the signing - we are hoping that you join us.

peace to you and yours

The Glass Poets

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