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The Maudlin Hounds

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The Maudlin Hounds
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About The Maudlin Hounds

Hard rock powertrio from the northern Norway.

Formed: 2002.

Location: Storsteinnes, Norway.
Albums: EP (2003) - Somersaulting (2006)
The Roaring Season (2012)
New album, Breaking The Waves coming soon (Feb. 2014)

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The Roaring Season (NNP 2012)

Album review from the british online rock magazine "Sea Of Tranquility".

A Norwegian three-piece, The Maudlin Hounds formed in 2002, releasing a self titled debut EP the next year, before a full length debut Somersaulting, which packed a Power-Pop punch, hit the streets in 2006. Now some six years down the road and TMH have returned with a heavier, if no less catchy and hook laden follow up, The Roaring Season. Taking their cue from a variety of sources, album number two brings to mind acts as varied as The Beatles, The Police, Cheap Trick, Enuff Z Nuff and pre leather strides Whitesnake. A strange mix indeed, but a memorable smorgasbord it creates, with unforgettable choruses jumping at you at every opportunity. The vibe is universally upbeat and if we get something that passes for summer during 2012, The Roaring Season will make a perfect companion for any warm sunny outlook. Even on an eternally drizzly Scottish morning (yes, OK, that could be ANY morning in Scotland...) The Maudlin Hounds have a knack of turning a frown into a take me away in a white van grin. A quick blast of the opening pair of tracks on this album gives a great indication of where the rest of ...Roaring...will cart you off to, with the irresistibly bouncy "Hello, Hello" and the unbelievably sing alongness and pleasantly flabby bass line to "The Roaring Season" taking up immediate residency in your memory.

The hyperactive drumming Nikolai Haugstad Medgard is a blurry of flurries, constantly keeping the tempo sprightly and the beats altering, while Tommy Granli brings some of the happiest bass lines you are ever likely to jig along to. Add to that mix the simple, catchy riffs and instantly likeable voice of Alf Vesterelv and The Maudlin Hounds really do know how to batter out songs that won't dazzle with their complexity, but sure will impress with their bright, breezy manner. Never throwaway, the likes of "Bring On The Band", which kicks in like The Police, before revealing a Power-Pop chorus of utterly lethal proportions, or the Country tinged "Hard To Believe" really do surprise with just how convincing they are. "The Killing Fears Of Somedays" and "Runaway Guns" do slow things down to a more melancholy Pop approach, however running at just over 47 minutes and housing 13 songs, The Roaring Seasonwould become an even more irresistible album if it shed a couple of the songs that do fall into the trap of repeating the successful formula a little too closely. However it does have to be said that the Ron Taylor (Lillian Axe), meets Danny Vaughn (Tyketto), meets Willie Dowling (Jackdaw4), meets Bob Mould (Husker Du/Sugar) vocals that Vesterelv delivers with power and passion do manage to maintain the interest throughout.

Whether you live for music you can sing along to, or you simply like to Rock out with a smile on your face, The Maudlin Hounds are here to make your day!


The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Bob Mould, Foo Fighters, Jethro Tull, AC/DC, The Rainmakers, Midnight Oil, Manic Street Preachers, Matthew Sweet, Jason & The Scorchers, Opeth, Black Sabbath, Teenage Fanclub, XTC, Better Than Ezra
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Hello Hello

album: The Roaring Season
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The Roaring Season
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