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Vig Wig

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Vig Wig
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I am mercurial I guess.  I made about a hunnert songs but maybe 3 or 4 were any good. I posted all of them and got some peple to listen to them.  I got some on the radio here, even played them on my show.  I found people really would rather hear some real songs so I have concentrated on good songs to play.

I've deleted my songs several times, each time putting them back.  This time I'll be more selective, mostly the collaborations I did.  I'm a "me, me, me" kind of guy, I guess you'd say.  I even wrote a song about that called, appropriately, It's Not All About You.  Anyway, I've written some funny stuff, some poignant stuff, some weird stuff and some that defies description.

My favorite types of songs are an eclectic, motley collection of songs.  I like most genres.  I'm not particularly fond of acoustic, rap, hip hop or jazz fusion.  Maybe I don't like gothic much. (not that there's anything wrong with all of these)


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