You walk on empty streetsnow, holding your heart in your hands (Part II)

album: HE&SHE, Angry enough to keep loving in the Dark Ages
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 79

You walk on empty streetsnow, holding your heart in your hands (Part II)
Farrell Jackson
04/14/11 10:56:44AM @farrell-jackson:
A unique sound for sure with a unique vocal production and technique. Well done on the use of dynamics in the song!


05/30/09 11:04:16AM @mark-reed:
Think this is the first number of yours I've heard. Vox are clear and well performed. Solid instrumentals nice work on the mix. Liked this one.
05/28/09 07:53:51PM @vesa:
Love the bright edgy guitar; cool. Then it just move sinto motion, with one whole BIG sound. The vocals are harmonious. It would be cool with one singer and then harmonies..however this is a unique sound.
Very Fantastic original artistry. Lots od synth/ strings. Cool tempo change.
EXCELLENT. a genre like none I know of...that's fine. COOL! -Your new friend.-Vesa (Canada)

05/13/09 06:20:38PM @sena:
This is very nicely done. The vocals are awesome!
01/11/09 06:49:49PM @2l8:
You are both really kind
Warm regards

01/11/09 02:43:02AM @mike-lynn:
I certainly like the intro. The way it led to the vocals is quite unexpected and there are sufficient changes throughout the song to keep listeners hooked. Nice work. / Mike
01/10/09 04:20:51PM @dazed:
Reminds me of the cure in many different ways. Very well done song. Love the bass line in here not to mention the vocals and keys. Solid tune indeed!


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