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Rusty James-Rattley-Headed Copper Mocassin

album: Trinity Venom
genre: Rock
streams: 370

  Song Lyrics
Shhh... Snakes can't talk or sing.
Rusty James-Rattley-Headed Copper Mocassin

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Abbey Rock Studios
01/21/17 01:31:34AM @abbey-rock-studios:
Thanks Doug, appreciate that. The name of this song came from my Dad, who was expert at identifying snakes. Of course when someone brought one to him and ask what kind it was. his answer was always: "That's a rattley-headed copper mocassin; deadliest snake in the world". :)
Doug Dickens
01/20/17 05:06:09PM @doug-dickens:
Fine tune Rusty .... changes, changes .... nice addition to Tuesday's showcase.
Abbey Rock Studios
01/04/17 02:15:16PM @abbey-rock-studios:

Thanks Trish and Farrell. This is another one I finished but still haven't written lyrics for, so I just did the guitar all the way though it instead.

Farrell Jackson
01/04/17 12:52:02PM @farrell-jackson:

A cool instrumental Rusty! You're bass playing is a stand out here. The fuzzy, sustaining lead grabs my attention...well done on the mix of styles!


Tricia C
01/03/17 04:30:51PM @tricia-crawford:
Rusty the shift from Rock to a groove was nice!!! Very cool song and I'd say the panning was a gold find!!! 👏👏
Abbey Rock Studios
01/03/17 10:13:00AM @abbey-rock-studios:

Thanks Dace. I appreciate the comment and the listen, but more than that I appreciate you and our friendship. You're top-notch, brother.

01/03/17 08:06:57AM @fungus-dace-yates:
Top cool bud! Great all the way! Fab tones! Really cool listen! ! Dude!!!!!! Sick!
Abbey Rock Studios
01/02/17 12:03:44PM @abbey-rock-studios:

Thanks Ron. You can hear the automated panning on this one on the lead guitar.
It's all just one track recorded in one take, but I panned it from side to side.

01/02/17 08:19:46AM @ronbowes:

Fusion of 60s, 70s and 80s vibe goin' on here. Love the change to heavy rock from the intro


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