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Trinity Venom-Ride All Night

album: Trinity Venom
genre: Rock
streams: 316

Trinity Venom-Ride All Night

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Abbey Rock Studios
04/10/17 07:43:12PM @abbey-rock-studios:
Thanks Trish. You can check out all of the Trinity Venom stuff here:

Tricia C
04/10/17 07:39:16PM @tricia-crawford:
Enjoying this one very much! Great tempo and guitar work... then the lyrics kick in and very nice! Makes one picture a road trip! Very nice Rusty!
Rusty James
02/07/17 06:43:42PM @rusty-james:
Thanks Farrell. This is one of my favorites of the Trinity Venom songs, probably because I was able to sneak in the "Come Together" riff as the lead-in for the guitar solo. :)
Farrell Jackson
02/04/17 07:53:05PM @farrell-jackson:
You are rockin' the socks off this one Rusty! Cool guitar solo!



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