Absolution Project
Absolution Project


album: Lies
genre: Acoustic
streams: 329

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Please can you help me - throw me a lifelineIn a distant sea of blackness i see a flameMy conscience beside me, my vacant emotionsInside my hollow thoughts i...
03/24/15 04:34:18PM @bustert:
you`re liking a good melodic guitar sound and your voice Iit`s well balanced in this another good piece. The change from the chorusses to the mainparts are very nice played. Hope to hear more of your good songs!
Incarnate Word
09/10/09 12:31:57AM @incarnate-word:
Heard you on JJ's tonight. Killer melody. real emotion and heart felt feelings. great expression on the acoustic guitar. Rolla
09/10/09 12:29:39AM @bigpete:
heard it on JJ shows amazing track great emotion, it will be spinned on my mix radio show for sure and often, wow what a track, thats a hit
07/08/09 10:16:37PM @hydrogen3:
Justin gave this a spin on the mix radio tonight! What and AWESOME choice! Really LOVE this tune!! Holley :)
01/19/09 11:56:08AM @bluesydude:
I heard this on SNR (1/17/09) and absolutely loved it. I love the sound of the acoustic. The vocals and harmonies are very cool. Thanks for sharing your talents.
12/15/08 08:47:58AM @mark-reed:
This really is excellent, amazing vocal performance, over a superb acoustic backing. magic track well done
10/14/08 08:52:32AM @wildcherry:
I love this song, I just bought your music off iTunes last night!!

wish I could go see you guys at Halloween bash '08


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