Absolution Project
Absolution Project


album: Songs From io
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 113

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NarcissistMusic By: Absolution ProjectLyrics By: Juston EmmerichCopyright 2008from the outside looking inthe feeling is uncertainbut the closer I can getthe...
03/24/15 04:27:19PM @bustert:
Very good hard rock track with strong guitars and the drums are also very good played! It tells a lot of a fealing,yeah!
01/27/10 07:26:32PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Oh, WildCherry will be pleased when I play this one on my show this Saturday Night Rocks!

Absolutely rockin', no doubt about it. Everything is tight and right!!! Way to go!


01/23/10 01:46:46AM @charles-lee:
I enjoyed this track. Am definitely a fan of hard rock. Reminded me of Staind when they played harder rock. Instruments sound amazing. Thanks for sharing great music!
01/22/10 10:53:34PM @tlt50:
The talent....on this track is fantastic. Superb musicianship....You all do this groove perfectly.... AWESOME !!

wolf *****

01/22/10 03:24:59PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Comments below kind of apply (bit of a narrow mix) - all of devices for the style are well played out. Yes enjoyable again and this is definitely my take on modern rock music. ftlpope
01/16/11 09:46:15PM @dazed:
Another awesome tune. i am really impressed with the tunes you guys do. Very well written and awesome performances all around.

Thanks for sharing your music and being a part of Mix!


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