Wont You Tell Me

album: Submisive
genre: Alternative Rock
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Re Uploaded had a problem with a wrong file  and now Feature's Mack Sanders correct lead guitar solo.... Nice tones mack !
Wont You Tell Me
carol sue
09/03/18 06:32:21PM @carol-sue:
I'd tell you how good it is~ but I think you already know!
Daryl, Mack Sanders and Mark ___? singing...
That's a killer line-up of talent there.. love the song! *****

Farrell Jackson
08/30/18 05:51:46PM @farrell-jackson:
Awesome song Daryl ! I like the rhythm guitar's tone and the bass sound is fantastic. Mack laid down a cool lead guitar track. The production and mix are tops!
08/30/18 05:33:28PM @tlt50:
Another awesome track, Daryl. Some incredible guitar chops from Mack. Big time Collab, your production, and performances are ...Stellar. :) 🎶🎼 Mark did his, always, awesome vocals. *****

Larry T.


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