A little Crying ft: Carol Sue

album: A Box full of Muffins
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 70

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A little Crying ft: Carol Sue
carol sue
01/07/19 01:23:06PM @carol-sue:
This was so much fun!! ✌️🤩
We really appreciate you guys stopping by and giving this a good spin!
Thank you~ @tlt50 (thanks for the airplay, too!) @wricky + @ronbowes.. you guys rock!!
Biggest thanks @abysss ~Daryl, I love how you make music, thanks again for including me! 🎵

01/06/19 08:58:35PM @ronbowes:
WTG on the vocals Kirkpatrick!! Love them. Real gutsy performance! Great music from Daryl too!
01/05/19 11:21:15AM @wricky:
very pro sounding song, I can imagine this as a "live" full band arena rocker, love them guitars and the compelling tension and timing on the vox carrys the vibe for the win ~ way to go yall !
01/04/19 07:34:36PM @tlt50:
Loved the new tune....On my show tonight! *****


carol sue
01/04/19 06:03:41PM @carol-sue:
Great to see Daryl Abyss back and making music again!
A new song we had started a couple months ago~ which finally made it's way to the box of muffins,lol! 🎵 Free taste testing!🎵 Happy New Year!! ✌️


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