Server Upgrade

By Admin, 2007-04-02

Just an FYI that GuitaristWorks is upgrading the server on:

Wednesday (04/04/2007) at 2AM EST

Downtime will be 6-12 hours

Sorry for the inconvenience :)

The GW Crew

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New News!

By Admin, 2007-03-26

We added a new flash player on the main page and also the community page which will hold the Top 10 Songs on GuitaristWorks. I will hopefully be changing the flash players in a week or so to something a little cooler!

Less than a week to go for the Same Song Title Madness Submissions. How is yours doing? Please read <a href="">HERE</a> if you have questions!


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Well the poll results are in and the winning song title is "Shadows". Details about this event can be found <a href="">HERE</a>.

We have also added a Royal Purple Color Theme for the premium members. An example can be found <a href="">HERE</a>.

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New Theme

By Admin, 2007-02-24

Beside the two Premium Themes mentioned below, we have added an additional theme for all members. This is a Black, White and Red Theme and can be seen HERE.

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New Themes

By Admin, 2007-02-23

Just wanted to let you know that a new theme was added this morning for the Premium Members! I am going to try and create a few more in the next few weeks. This color theme is based on the Forum colors and can be seem HERE. We have also added a Metallic Silver looking theme HERE.
To change the color theme click on Control Panel on the top Right and then under Your Site on the left side panel, click Site Themes. Then click Rebuild Your Site under Custom.


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GuitaristWorks Interviews....

By Admin, 2007-02-04

GuitaristWorks Interviews are back!

This was always one of my favorite features of GuitaristWorks. There is something about reading someone's posts but it is a completely different ball game when it comes to hearing an interview with them. You really have an opportunity to get to know them a bit better with the interviews. We used to post these in the forum but now with the artist pages, we wiill post them over here.

Do not be surprised if you get asked to participate in an interview! You can hear StrongTom interview GeorgeShep <a href="">HERE</a>.

Great interview guys!

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MP3 Player Continued

By Admin, 2007-01-05

The Artist Pages new popup player uses an embeded Windows Media Player. I strongly suggest you upgrade WMP to version 11. Because this is an embedded player, you can still use winamp or whatever player you normally use for mp3, wav's etc. but the popup will always use the windows media player. If you have questions, please post them HERE.

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Site Upgrade

By Admin, 2007-07-27

As you can see we are making some changes. There is going to be some dust for awhile but we are working on getting the bugs out. The history links and upload progress meter do now work at the moment but I am working on it!

Currently there are two themes that support the new changes. These are Cobalt3 and Sage. All artists have been moved to Cobalt3. You can change your theme back but the functionality will not exist for the new features. I will be trying to create some more themes in the not so distant future.

I will be adding some updates along the way.


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