Happy Thanksgiving from Mixposure!

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Happy Thanksgiving! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for continuing to support this site year after year. A special thanks Kat Francis J , the DJ's and especially Jim Rustemeyer and Gene Smith for everything you guys do. Thanks also for the kind words and support after my father passed away last week. You guys are truly the best.

Please enjoy your day and your families and thank you for being a part of 


12/01/13 11:35:33PM @cooter:
Much love y'alls way, Dazed.
11/29/13 11:25:21AM @gene-smith:
Thoughts are with you and yours Dazed. I hope your Thanksgiving was as good as it could be in this troubling time. I have said it before so won't ramble on, if not for your efforts this very cool place to be wouldn't exist and all of the friends I've found wouldn't have to listen to me ramble on lol. Thanks for what you do...
11/29/13 10:48:39AM @quantum-mechanix:
My condolences on your loss Dazed.
11/29/13 10:43:49AM @admin:
Thanks everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

@Carol-Sue - good seeing you. We were talking about you in chat last week. It is great to see you online :)

11/28/13 11:46:06PM @the-truevulgarians:
I was not aware of the passing of your dad Todd, and I'm very sorry for your loss. I also lost my father a couple of years back and it's a difficult, but unavoidable part of life. Take solace in the fact that I'm sure he was extremely proud of you and that which you've accomplished...
11/28/13 06:05:22PM @tlt50:
I know the feeling of losing a dad...All the best...~Happy Thanksgiving~
11/28/13 05:49:11PM @digger-stone:
Sorry to hear about your dad Todd.. I know how that feels bro. It broke my damn hart when I lost my dad, It's not something we ever fully get over.

Happy Thanksgiving every one, Hoping it is a great day for all.



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