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The 2014 Mixposure Rock and Country Music Awards!

By: Admin
Posted in: News
The 2014 Mixposure Rock and Country Music Awards!

The 2014 Mixposure Rock and Country Music Awards are underway and voting will begin soon! Everything has to have rules so here they are.

All Music must be posted on your artist page on Mixposure.com.

If you are not a member, please join. Mixposure.com is free.

Please change the genre to MCA2013 or MRA2013 for Country or Rock Genre

No Cover Tunes!

We would prefer the song be from 2013 or 2014 but we have no way to stop earlier songs so upload what you want

Voting will be from anyone signed up on Mixposure.com so yes, the people will vote!

The contest will end on Saturday March 30th

MixStream Radio will have all songs in continuous rotation 

Winners will receive a Trophy and some other perks from Mixposure.com

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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02/28/14 08:35:36AM @admin:
Just a heads up that my goal is to have the polls up by tonight or tomorrow. I have tried a few times this week but ran into a few snags that caused some rewrites on the code for the polls. The developer is working on the last few issues today so if all works well, we will have them up asap.
Bamil Music
02/23/14 04:31:06PM @bamil:
02/22/14 09:40:43PM @admin:
yeah the poll module has been added and a few tweaks are being made. I am guessing we should be ready next week. My one concern is it seems everyone is turning their entire song list into the contest. I am thinking we should have limited it to one or maybe two submissions.
Bamil Music
02/22/14 09:35:11PM @bamil:
No Updates?
Bamil Music
02/14/14 02:11:45PM @bamil:
Thanks for reply!!!
02/13/14 10:10:26PM @admin:
it will be posted on the main page when we open it up.
Bamil Music
02/13/14 07:39:19PM @bamil:
Hello Fellow, How's The Vote Status Going? Fans Asking Me And I Ask Forward...Thanks!!!
02/07/14 10:13:02AM @elektronz:
giggedy giggidey giggggidy giggggadooo :) thats about all i have to say on the subject really :)
02/06/14 06:52:12PM @admin:
I posted down below in a week or two and it has been 2 days hehe. I do not want to use the forum poll since the forum has been wonky. We are having some code added to do it on this side. So once that is done we will do a few tests and then open up voting.
Bamil Music
02/06/14 05:50:29PM @bamil:
When the votes info will appear?
02/04/14 07:40:46PM @admin:
@hooker-green - just upload to your page and use the correct genre mentioned in the post!
Bamil Music
02/04/14 04:27:00PM @bamil:
Thanks for the info!!!
02/04/14 02:52:55PM @hooker-green:
where can I upload a tune for the contest? Is there a special page?
02/04/14 07:54:12AM @admin:
Voting will be added in a week or so. I wanted to make sure we had everyone starting from the same time.
Bamil Music
02/03/14 11:15:00PM @bamil:
Where people will Vote?
02/02/14 11:07:23PM @trevor-sewell:
Thank you kindly Dazed. I appreciate the reply.
01/31/14 03:00:40PM @dazed:
That is fine Barefoot!
Barefoot Music
01/31/14 02:50:18PM @barefoot-music:
I have an artist I represent who would like me to enter his song. If I have a release from his is this allowed?
Lyrical Princess
01/31/14 01:24:07PM @lyrical-princess:
I tried explaining to just change the genre. I'm not very good with words... So I hope It helped ... LOL
Bamil Music
01/31/14 12:47:02PM @bamil:
I'm In!!!
Bamil Music
01/30/14 10:29:00PM @bamil:
This is Great!!!
Jims Artificial Earth
01/30/14 11:56:46AM @jims-artificial-earth:
This is gonna be awesome!!! Been awhile since we had a contest.
01/30/14 10:23:07AM @admin:
Just add it in :)
Dylan Thermos
01/30/14 10:04:44AM @dylan-thermos:
I just tried to upload a song to MCA2013 but it does not exist in the styles available list?.
Perhaps I am doing some thing wrong, I'll be glad if you can assist. Thanks Dylan.


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