2014 Music Award Winners!

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Congratulations to our 2014 Music Award Winners!!

Rock - BUSTED (BY) Johnny Gray, Tatiana Para, Alfredo Dias Gomes, Rich Knoop, and Jimmy Dean Brooks

Country - Open My Eyes (David C Deal, Pete Tebar and  David Coonrod) 

Blues - Heart Broke Blues - Rusty James-TSARGOTH

Songwriting - Smile - BAMIL

We will be getting the trophies made and will have sent out as soon as possible!


Bamil Music
05/24/15 02:29:09PM @bamil:
Thanks Jim!!!
05/22/15 10:44:17PM @david-c-deal:
Hey Todd and Jim, thanks for the beautiful "trophy". It is so cool. I put it on my fireplace mantel where I can show it off to anybody who will listen. Go Mixposure!
Bamil Music
05/22/15 08:19:23AM @bamil:
I received mine yesterday and it's beautiful, thanks so much. Already set on my Cave Wolf Recording S2dio.
05/22/15 07:48:23AM @admin:
awesome! glad you like :)
Bamil Music
05/10/15 10:16:05PM @bamil:
Thanks so much Marco, cheers!!!
Marco Akamawa
05/10/15 11:52:36AM @marco-akamawa:
Cóól, congrats Bamil and all other winners! :)
Bamil Music
04/29/15 10:08:43PM @bamil:
Already sent to your inbox, thanks!!!
04/29/15 07:07:53PM @admin:
Winners can you send me your addresses please?


Bamil Music
04/11/15 10:13:51PM @bamil:
Thanks for your support!!!
Farrell Jackson
04/10/15 01:57:59PM @farrell-jackson:
Congratulations to all!


Barefoot Music
04/09/15 10:08:38PM @barefoot-music-group:
Big congrats to all the Mix winners. Well Done!
Lyrical Princess
04/06/15 11:31:05AM @lyrical-princess:
Congratulations to all of you Mixposure Winners!! :)
04/04/15 09:40:05PM @david-c-deal:
Many thanks to all involved.
04/04/15 03:22:45PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Many Thanks To All The Great Artists And Friends On Radio From All Of US. We Salute You All And Really Appreciate Your Friendship And Support On Our Music. Jimmy Dean Brooks
04/03/15 10:56:46PM @tlt50:
Bravo.... to all the amazing artists...Well done winners... *****
Bamil Music
04/03/15 03:56:40PM @bamil:
Excellent, congrats to all my fellow artists and their great works. Thanks Mixposure Radio for this great opportunity!!!


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