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Congrats to Ron and Carol for having the Song of the Week! Check out Hold On!

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Mixposure Halloween Tunes

By Admin, 2017-09-16

Well it is that time of year again! I have lost track of how many years we have done this but suffice it to say, it has been over 10 years. Every Halloween we have done a Mixposure Halloween Tune. What is it? This is your chance to make the spookiest song you can create. It can be comical, serious or whatever you like. Add vocals or do not! In other words, do what you want! This is also a great time to work with other Mixposure Artists.

All songs will be played on MixStream Radio during the Halloween Show. Please post any questions you have.


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By Admin, 2017-08-10

The Chatroom is back up after a slight crash. You will need to re-register your username when you go into chat or use a guest account. 



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Congratulations to Artist of the Month Gordon Cole! Please check out his music here!

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Congratulations to Phil Kearney for having the Song of the Week! Check out the song Gridlocks Zone!

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Brahma - Mixposure Song of the Week

Congrats to Brahma for having the Mixposure Song of the Week! Check out the tune Layers and Layers below.

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Congrats to Adam Bae for having the Mixposure Song of the Week! Check out the song Sing!

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Congrats to NexXzit for being the Mixposure Artist of the Month for February!


NexXzit, (pronounced next exit) is Margo, Ge’down, Rio and many friends. They are Producers, Musicians, Songwriters, and Performers. Their originality stems from their talent, versatility and creative musical style that combines many genres. NexXzit’s goal is to create songs that appeal to all music lovers. Their music is born from an era when musicians recorded and performed "live". Described by fans as being positive, creative and fresh, NexXzit's sound displays heartfelt and meaningful lyrics along with sophisticated and stylish music. They have brought back the realism of yesterday’s music incorporated with a style for today’s audiences. 


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Facebook Song Image Bug

By Admin, 2017-01-24

I know some of you are probably curious why song images are not appearing on Facebook. It is not a Mixposure issue but a Facebook bug. They have been notified and confirmed it is a bug so they should be fixing it soon.


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By Admin, 2017-01-16

It looks like a few bugs have made their way onto a some areas of Mix. I see that doing a review from the music are chart pages has about a 2% success rate. Looking into a fix for this. The other is search. I have a high success rate but I noticed on the index page the screen changes color and a search box does not appear. Looking into this also.

If anyone sees anything else please let me know.



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