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Mixposure Discord Channel

By Admin, 2019-05-21
Mixposure Discord Channel

Greetings all! I am not sure how many of you have used Discord but this is something we wanted to test the waters on. Discord allows us to have the ability to have a "talking" chat room. Our members can listen to the stream and chat with each other. Obviously we need to respect everyone in the room!

Discord is used by a lot of gamers and various other sites for group chat. We can stream the radio station in there but right now it is at 96k which is not ideal. I have requested that we become a Discord Partner which will allow us to stream at our normal 128k bit rate. That may take some time though. 

You can read about Discord here. You can download the app here. Once you are setup, here is the invite for the Mixposure channel. 

Please post if you have questions! This is going to be a slow roll-out as we play with this and see if we want to do it long term.


The Mix Team

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Mixposure Song of the Week

By Admin, 2019-03-03
Mixposure Song of the Week

Congratulations to Tony Cee for having the Mixposure Song of the Week! Have a listen to Every Single Piece of Me. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

By Admin, 2018-11-22

Thank you for being a part of Mixposure everyone! We hope you all have a great day and are enjoying some family time with your loved ones. That could be a brother, sister your children or maybe Les Paul, Leo Fender or Paul Reed Smith's direct descendants. Family with guitars. :)

The Mixposure Team

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Halloween Tunes 2018

By Admin, 2018-10-15
Halloween Tunes 2018

Well it is that time of year again! I have lost track of how many years we have done this but suffice it to say, it has been over 12 years. Every Halloween we have done a Mixposure Halloween Tune. What is it? This is your chance to make the spookiest song you can create. It can be comical, serious or whatever you like. Add vocals or do not! In other words, do what you want! This is also a great time to work with other Mixposure Artists. When you are done with your song, add it to your Artist page and use a genre of "Halloween 2018" so we can track all songs.

All songs will be played on MixStream Radio during the Halloween Show. Please post any questions you have.


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It is with great sadness

By Admin, 2018-10-08

It is with great sadness I announce the passing of Gene Smith also known as DaddyRabbit. Gene was one of my favorite DJ's on Mix simply because we had the same musical taste. Gene liked high energy rock and constantly scoured Mixposure to find artists that fit that style.  Aside from being a dj on Mixposure, Gene was also a friend that helped me run Mixposure. He was a great resource for me to lean on when I had site concerns. 

I guess when you run a music site for as long as Mixposure has been around, this happens but it is something that I will never get used to. We have lost some great musicians and friends over the years and it is a constant reminder of how short life is. This is why I tell people do not settle in life. You only get one chance in this world so make it count. 

Thanks for being a friend Gene. You will be missed. 


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Happy Birthday To Us

By Admin, 2018-04-23


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New Artist of the Month

By Admin, 2018-04-03

Every now and then we like to feature a New Artist that has joined Mixposure. This month we chose Paul Rainbird.  Please check out his Bio below and have a listen to his music. 



Self taught Guitarist started from age 12 Played in several bands during 1970s played at Windsor free festival on two occasions once supporting Hawkwind in front of 25000 people.

During the 1980s I played in a duo and as lead guitarist in a variety of bands I also started recording my music on a four track recorder.

During the 1990s I joined a local band called The Bun and went on tour in Germany also we played alongside Eric Clapton at a private gig. with The Bun I played many Prestigious venues in London and South east England.

Still playing with The Bun up until recently but I am now focused

on the recording side of things.

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New Artist of the Month - Electric Shadow

We are working on a new feature at Mixposure where we would like to introduce everyone to a New Artist on Mixposure. When we do this, we will feature their music on MixStream Radio Shows and maybe try and get them into chat and have a conversation with them. 

How do you get to be chosen? Just make sure you have a Bio added to your page, some music, an image is also good!

Our first selection is a band called Electric Shadow. Check out their tunes and Bio below.

Why this name?
We want to bring light into the darkness , our mission is to provoke thought through our lyrics and music. Thus for ~Electric Shadow~ was born through music
Do you play live?
Yes they play locally and love the interaction with live crowds. They have been involved with several bands.Their career spans 2 decades. Jerry has been compared to Hendrix and Dave Matthews. But he definately has his own unique style... they especially like playing smaller intimate crowds at coffee houses. They have played from New England,up & down the East coast & now throughout the midwest.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows unsigned artists a chance to get exposure and build a fan base.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We would like to sell our songs as song writers..but if another offer came..who knows!
Band History:
Your influences?
Jimi Hendrix, Cat Stevens, David Bowie, Jimmy Page, Eric Capton, Carlos Santana, Natalie Merchant, Dave Matthews, Black Sabbath, Audioslave, Uriah Heep and the list could go on & on !!!!!!
Favorite spot?
In the studio

Equipment used:
1964 Fender Jazzmaster, Boss GT6 guitar processor,Fostex 24 track recorder, conga drum, variety of percussion instruments,Yamaha keyboards and various others.
Anything else...?
ELECTRIC SHADOW has a wide range of musical styles and genres...Alternative, Hard rock.. Acoustic Love songs, Christian rock, Blues, Rock, Classical and the list goes on....Keep coming songs are added almost daily.

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Mixposure Same Song Titke Maddness

By Admin, 2017-11-27

Anyone interested in doing a Same Song Title Madness? 

We started a forum thread where everyone can submit viable song titles. 

Please post if you have questions!


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Congrats to Moscato for having the Song of the Week. Check out Broken Dreams Below. 


We originally formed with a sole purpose in mind. What started out as a regular jam session between Jo and Monkey (Adrian) inspired Jo to take the next step and record, not only for herself but with the determination to put together a compilation album of local musicians which would raise awareness for Auto Immune Disorders having all proceeds go to Arthritis QLD.
In the early stages Jo and Erin crossed paths and it was believed a saxophone would compliment the jamming duo. This was the birth of not only “Moscato” but of 3 beautiful friendships that we feel blessed to have.
Within 13 weeks of our 1st rehearsal we completed our 1st of what will be many recording.
These Original songs were placed alongside Original pieces written and performed by some of the most unique and talented musicians Mackay has to offer, all with one goal in mind, to raise awareness with an album title of “Broken Silence”.
As we drove the gruelling 10+hour trip back to our hometown we were in awe of what we had achieved in such a short period. The common travellers question of “Are we there yet?” was replaced by “Wow, did that really just happen? “.
Now knowing what could be accomplished our minds were filled with possibilities and we were eager to work on our next E.P. A decision was made to record in 6 months with Erin relieving Jo of lead vocals whose lungs (due to auto immune disorders) were not strong enough.

With each finished EP our confidence and creativity grows, it only seemed fitting that we expand our much loved trio. In October 2014 we met Kerin Shaw who has played in various rock bands throughout his life, it was certain that it was in the stars as his can do/give anything a go/ laid back attitude was much like our own, not to mention his unique style of bass playing complimented what we had already accomplished. In November 2014 we also welcomed Kristen Anderson who would join Erin as lead vocalist. As we work on our next EP the two girls prove unlike any other females as they end each song with a high five working as what we believe is an unstoppable vocal team. With Kristen's background being Country and Theater she really brings something different to the table, and with all our minds combined we feel we are finding our feet as to where our path now leads and we are really excited to record this next EP soon after in July so we can share it with you all. Erin has left to pursue other Avenues but we will also enjoy the Talents of Kaz accompanying Kristen on Vocals and Bringing ,Cello,Sax and Keys, Just Pup, Lead guitar , and Laka on Drums joining us on our "Adrift " EP, We know our music is not everyone's cup of tea, but this is us, this is who we are and this is what we love doing. Whether this disc makes you smile, want to relax, want to dance or take a step back to notice what is going on in the world even for a second then it has all been more than worth it,, and even if it doesn’t have this effect … we will just keep on recording and releasing because it’s what we love.
This is us, we are “Moscato” and we thank you from the very bottom of our heart for allowing us to share with you our music.
We hope you enjoy it!!

Jo, Kerin, Kristen, Kaz, Just Pup, Laka , Monkey and Previously, Erin,

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