Alan Stewart
Alan Stewart

album: Drippin Bluez
genre: Blues
streams: 268
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09/03/10 12:10:06PM @mark-reed:
I'm not sure as to whether this quite cuts it as a blues track, what it is to me is a fantastically expressive piece of guitar playing over a great moody backing. This just sings.
Rob Grant
04/06/08 01:04:49PM @rayon-vert:
Hi Alan......I wanted to take some more listens. This song "title" caught my attention, as I'm a huge GENESIS Fan. Ok, I LOVED the strings and the theme is GREAT :-) Your guitar flows very nicely throughout and I'm a wah-wah sucker ;-), so ya got me there too. GREAT JOB, ALAN!! Oh yea....the drums sound real nice here :-)


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