Jack: The Overly Sensitive

album: You're Stupid, Here's Why!
genre: Comedy
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My character Jack, molests your mind again! WARNING: This may offend some people.
Jack: The Overly Sensitive
07/14/13 04:25:17PM @the-truevulgarians:
I'm a fan of Al Chantrey the singer, but never knew he had some much pent up anger! The real question I have on this particular diatribe is why you even give a rat's ass? Not that I disagree with your sentiments, but why even give a shit? These so-called thin skin a-holes who are ever policing political correctness are just missing out on a hell of a lot of laughs. I'd offer as a suggestion that you take on those people who put hundreds of pictures of their kids on facebook like anyone really gives a shit about whatever it is that those little darlings are up to...


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