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The second song in the 'Reflection' serie. Christopher Martin Hansen features with some wonderful guitar. Thanks a lot Chris!
Chris Georgiou
10/10/11 05:39:38AM @chris-georgiou:
Hey Leif,

this is a wonderful soundtrack !!!! I like your orchestration in it, the choirs are wonderful, the whole arrangement and composition is very balanced, very harmonic without lost that dramatic a soundtrack needs. That guitar is absolutely perfect, it gives all that a song needs and thats the hardest thing to do it.
Congratulation....a beautiful composition and playing.
shine on...
Chris G.

09/13/10 08:59:07AM @cooter:
I love it, Leif! This is so nicely done, to my ears. I am happy to have found you and your music.
05/13/09 06:56:37PM @sena:
I think this is wonderful! I could listen to this song anytime. It is so beautiful and yet it has a strength to it.
01/27/09 07:48:51AM @mark-reed:
This is an excellent way to start my listening day. This is a superbly orchestrated classical piece. Great mood and some incredible dynamics. Wonderful piece thoroughly enjoyed this one well done
09/15/08 11:17:11AM @chrickon:
Hej Leif! Excellent composition and arrangement! Like the classical vibe and instrumentation on it! Beautiful creation!!
Excellent work!

Ha det!

05/15/08 12:15:16PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hey Leif, glad I get to finally here and play your fine music in HIGH QUALITY format!!! Welcome, once again!!! Love this tune (as all of your tunes!).
05/14/08 07:14:18PM @saitkoray:
woww..this is great..i love classical melodies..very well arranged..very creativity track...and wooooooe perfect guitar line ....very deep emotions....wonderful track..and i have same thougts with my mate Terentek..Excellent production...excellent my friend..this is unique track.....*****
Luca Wulf
05/14/08 12:02:28PM @huge-artist:
Ooh,classical :)
I have a thing for classical/new age...
Well first thing that strikes is the class of composition....
Using each instrument to paint the picture...
Beautiful choir you have there as well....
Perfect blend IMHO.
Enter the acoustic guitar...
Yes a composition full of light and shade,dramatic and soothing as it flows.
Excellent production as well I might add.
I must also confess to loving epic pieces.
I like a song to take it's time to explore the themes,cannot be doing with three minite pop songs of endless repetative chrouses.
Yes mate,this one hit the spot.
Excellent work.


05/14/08 10:00:19AM @brian-mattson:
Of all the styles you write, this is my favorite. You just have a way with putting soundtracks together that catches my ear. Nice job!


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