A Place With No Name

genre: Funk
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Sitting on a park bench with flowers in my hands,Calmness in the air while birds sing around meThe birch and the oaks are all dressed in greenIt’s all a...
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Dedicated to all dear one´s that aint directly amoung us any longer. Vocals done by Rey Varela. He also helped me convert my poor English into a decent...
A Place With No Name
SOB Story
05/12/10 06:21:08PM @martin-elliott:
Cool track...I like the arrangment. production is very clean.

Good Work,


05/13/09 06:59:45PM @sena:
This is beautiful! Well done!
10/25/08 07:05:14AM @dellixxa:
Just beautiful. DL already done.

Rogers-Tennison Band
12/14/10 11:04:46AM @rogers-tennison-band:
Jag hoppa det du förstå min Svensk. JAG älskat den här sång.


05/15/08 12:19:11PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Always loved this tune, Leif. Great arrangement and musical theme. Love Rey's vocals here. Really well done. Professional mix. Superb!!!
05/15/08 08:36:24AM @mark-reed:
No reviews yet, unfortunately doing a massed upload means people play one track and the rest get missed. Thats a shame cause this is a very well put together song. The backing is superb. The mixture of styles in this number is great. It has one of the best uses of quality rapping I've heard in a long time. So much so I listened to the track a second time. Well done I liked this track


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