Alex Campo
Alex Campo

Popcorn Yellow

album: DEMO 02
genre: Indie
streams: 45

  Song Lyrics
Popcorn Yellow   Crazy days are over now i'm riding the waves. waiting for the breezes let them push me ahead.   took off my shoes 'cause I ain't...
Popcorn Yellow
01/21/12 02:52:10PM @dolce:
Never judge a song by it's title. I wasn't sure what to expect from the title of "Popcorn Yellow", but I am pleased! This was a very nice listen...


01/21/12 05:09:37PM @lucindra:
What a cleaver weave you have spun here !!....lovely guitar textures....melodic bass....mixing it up with the keyboard in the 3rd quarter before the melt down faux ending was cool too !! usual.....I find the delay hypnotic....
06/29/13 05:24:14PM @gene-smith:
Another very cool track! I am going to be hosting a show June 30 on Mixstream radio about 8pm EST. I am going to play a couple of your tracks, this one included. Drop by if you get a chance...


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