Amy Caldwell
Amy Caldwell


genre: Indie
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I'm just gonna wallow for a whileI'm just going to cryand let out all the pain insideI just wanna fall into your armsfeel safe from harmand just surrender to...
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A work in progress. A personal song, meant to be simple. I will not likely change the words, delivery or arrangement of this song, but would like to improve...
10/21/14 10:41:42AM @amy-caldwell:
Thank you so much @Gene-Smith :) I appreciate the feedback, I am so often useless when it comes to being critical of my own mixes, I'm not an expert either when it comes to the technical stuff, so it's always nice to get the ear of other musicians!
10/18/14 11:00:38AM @gene-smith:
Uhhh WOW! I know that isn't much help because this is a fine song as it sits. Lots of space and simple is what it needs to be and the delivery is perfection to my ears and the vocal... WOW! Were I to try anything it might be to "widen" the stereo field a tad. A VERY nice piece of music right here.


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