Audio Weapon
Audio Weapon

Roland PK MIDI Bass Pedal Cam Demo - Featuring "You Were Meant for Me" by Audio Weapon

Category: Music
Duration: 00:01:32
Here is an original song with Rob performing solo on acoustic guitar, MIDI foot bass pedals triggering an orchestral string section, and vocals. There's a split screen view with a close up camera on the pedal board with his feet playing chords and a melody line.

Strange things come from above
Oft times unexpected like a dove
Sometimes softly spoken in the dream
Where reality is not what it seems
And as the rain clears the day
And washes the mist all away
Then in the bright light you will see
That you were meant for me

Music and lyrics by Robert Stutzman
Copyright all rights reserved

Ovation Balladeer acoustic electric guitar
Roland PK-5A dynamic MIDI foot controller
Yamaha Motif rack synthesizer sound module
Sure SM58 Beta microphone

Thanks for listening and watching, see you on the road:)


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