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Farrell Jackson
12/09/14 02:04:26PM @farrell-jackson:
Stephanie you have a great voice.....a fine, fine song
12/15/08 08:54:46AM @mark-reed:
Very nice, moving lyrics, sung with real passion. The instrumentation supports the vocals and the duet between the guitar and keys on the solo is excellent. Very classy number well done
terry Martin
12/06/08 04:18:08PM @terry-martin:
Stephanie Great job words and music is so solid and what can I say about the band who recorded it with you .....The lyrics just flow wonderfully in the song. Nancy and I think you sound much like Ann Wilson of Heart I am very impressed and will be playing this one on my new show in January....

Keep up the great writing Girl...
Terry Martin

The RatMan
05/30/08 09:07:25PM @the-ratman:
As usual you do a finb on what you do, you have a fine quality to you singing and you music you select is very nice. Love it, The RatMan!
05/29/08 03:06:09AM @ab2:
Incredibly pretty guitar work...and oh, love that melancholly vocal, now that`s what I call a voice...A gorgeous "soft rock" song for an early morning listen...Clever lyrics...:-)

Peace n love Mags xx :-)

05/28/08 10:33:29AM @david-c-deal:
Very nice song. You have a very attractive voice.
David Deal

05/28/08 05:56:41AM @dazed:
very nice. love the keys on here. lyrics are great and vocals are well done. no complaints here!
06/03/08 01:42:17AM @self-tort:
This is a "kill two birds with the one stone" song for me. I get to hear a new NAV track and also get to listen for the first time to Stephanie whom I met in the songplanet chat room a couple of weeks ago. Really nice piece of work. Steph does a great job on the vocals and the voice is really well pitched in the mix. Love the interplay between the guitar and the keys. The whole production oozes class. Great build up to the solo section, with again the keys and the guitars working beautifully together. Damn fine work.




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