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OXYGEN Copyright 2008 by Stephanie Krowka. FIRST VERSE Hook me up to oxygen....'cause I can't catch my breath... The very fact of my presence here...just...
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OXYGEN Music, Lyrics, and Original Concept by Stephanie Krowka.COPYRIGHT 2008 by Stephanie Krowka. Final Version Arranged, Produced, and Mixed by: Michael...
terry Martin
12/06/08 04:22:27PM @terry-martin:
Love the music in this song big time, well written and produced as well... The vocals are top notch and as well the music, it just rocks. Love the acoustic feel of this song with the electric guitars the song just really works and the blend of vocals with the acoustic guitar the song moves very tenderly in spots and Rocks in others....Cheers on this one big time....

Terry Martin

08/22/08 07:19:19PM @avalanche:
I want to thank all of you who took the time to listen...and post comments on this one...and I will be sure to pass all the nice comps along to Stephanie.

I especially want to thank Pascal for his honest feedback about the low end distortion he heard. After doing 28 seperate mixes on this song...I had lost my objectivity...and my ability to hear that...even though I knew there was something that didn't feel right in the song mix. After going back in...I discovered a compression output level on the kick drum...and fade levels on the bass were higher than they needed to be...and so...the mix that is up now is a corrected one. Thanks, Pascal!

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

08/22/08 12:39:24AM @tlt50:
Beautiful guitar work and vocals ....highlight this excellent track.This baby has some awesome musicianship and production !!!Stellar tune !!!!

Larry T.....

08/21/08 12:24:24PM @syngularity:
Congrats to Stephanie and the whole band on this depth, this atmosphere... most perfection and feeling for a modern production. Great song, masterfully performed & sung. Though heavily distorted in the bass range, - it belongs to my favorte style of indie rock! Thank you, guys :-)

08/21/08 12:17:15AM @self-tort:
Wow this is classy stuff. Great sense of dynamics from all involved. Lovely slow build up with nice picking, bass and cymbal work behind Steph's biting vocals. Great kick up into a really quality hook. Love the electric guitar run between the verses...tasty indeed. Great phrasing Stephanie and I love the way you're really spitting venom in some of those lines. Love the repetition of "no more". Superb acoustic lead break. Great track and a perfect package. Congrats



08/20/08 08:13:48PM @les-beasley:
Man what a great song,Love that panning scheme.Exellent all around.
08/20/08 03:57:57PM @bluesydude:
Great track. The song was a breath of fresh air. Thanks for the post.
08/20/08 12:30:21PM @test200:
hey Nav, always a strong track from you and the gang. Stephanies vocal is a great change of pace for the group, the song is right for it. You can tell shes got some power pipes. Dig your acoustic work Nav, never hear it enough, one of the best for sure, so sweet the way it breaks down for that lead. take care...


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