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TimeVerse 1:No, I don’t want to.... hang on a secI have no time to... wait a minuteI feel the time …...the grains of sands are shiftingThere’s less on top...
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When you spend to much time waiting...I would like to Thank:My awesome rhythm section of Lloyd Dallaire on bass and Dave Mosher on the drums.Peter Alves for...

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Gary Shukoski
03/22/17 11:20:41PM @gary-shukoski:
Oh sweet! I did come to your page earlier this week from a comment link on the mix comments page! Gonna go check out more here and on the soundclick link you gave me!
03/21/17 05:26:59PM @avmo:
Thanks Gary...it is me and my trusty LP.
Gary Shukoski
03/21/17 05:05:17PM @gary-shukoski:
Cool bluesy sounds here!
03/21/17 02:32:40PM @avmo:
Thanks @david-c-deal. Coming from a songsmith such as yourself, it is a high compliment indeed.
03/21/17 01:09:13PM @david-c-deal:
Ahhh, the classic rock influences shine all through this composition. It has a great "live" production sound also. Your vocals are excellent as well.
02/18/17 11:21:38AM @avmo:
Voting is now OPEN!
Last year I released my video "Time" which explored the complexity of aging as a rocker.
Today I'm proud to announce that the song is one of the contenders in CBC Music's #SearchLight Contest.
This is the nationwide search for the best up-and-coming musicians across Canada...and who could deny Avmo?
Voting is really simple. You need to register your email and then vote for Time! Click on this link and make Avmo a Canadian treasure <3 http://www.cbcmusic.ca/searchlight/entries/1/0/0/30/AvMo

02/18/17 09:36:30AM @avmo:
Hi Everyone,

I would really appreciate it if you can vote for my song called Time on the CBC Searchlight contest:
OK My Facebook Friends and family....please give me a hand and for Time in the CBC Searchlight contest:
Searchlight Entries - CBC Music

Thanks in advance!

02/17/17 10:51:04AM @avmo:
Thanks again Farrel :)
Farrell Jackson
02/17/17 09:00:35AM @farrell-jackson:
A little rock, some funk, some blues, and with a bit of prog rock element to it. I think you've covered all the bases well with this song....nice writing!


02/12/17 08:38:11PM @avmo:
Thanks Doug...appreciate you checking it out.
Doug Dickens
02/12/17 08:35:59PM @doug-dickens:
Great rock tune .... like the vocals a lot.
02/11/17 08:22:14AM @avmo:
Thanks Ron!
02/11/17 08:21:14AM @ronbowes:
Welcome to the site AvMo. Nice 'n' funky old skool style track. Nice one!
02/08/17 07:14:06PM @avmo:
BTW: That little cuckoo clock took hours to get it right...I must be cuckoo..lol
02/04/17 07:12:05PM @avmo:
Thank you Saturated. Check out Deception, I think you might like it as well.
02/04/17 12:02:07PM @saturated:
This is great stuff! playing, vocal and mix all pro! Great song to boot.. Loved the cukoo clock interlude! :)
02/04/17 11:41:13AM @avmo:
Thank you Jim. I appreciate your kind words. Song written after spending too much time waiting for my wife to get going.



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