Rockin' de Fro

genre: Reggae
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  Song Lyrics
Back in de good old days I was rockin’ de ‘fro Struttin my stuff to de dance floor Underneath de disco ball Pick up my guitar to play And I strike de pose...
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While looking at some old pictures, I grew nostalgic for the good old days when I was Rocking de Fro. I would like to thank Tony Mazza for Mixing and...
Rockin' de Fro

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02/17/17 10:52:35AM @avmo:
Thanks. I tend to follow my muse wherever it leads. This time I heard a little reggae hitting me...so I created Rockin de Fro
Farrell Jackson
02/17/17 08:49:20AM @farrell-jackson:
A cool take on Reggae! Nice guitar solo as well.


02/16/17 10:34:24PM @avmo:
Thanks Larry. I had found this great B3 organ patch...and put it to good use.
02/16/17 07:30:44PM @tlt50:
You B jammin' mon'.. Excellent reggae vibes..... with the keys. Some sweet guitar lead work. Well done ......

Larry T

02/05/17 10:26:41AM @avmo:
A little Reggae-ish tune:
In da good ol days
Back in '78
Men in their 3 piece suits
And de women, all looked great


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