Propel featuring JRodz

genre: Classic Rock
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I sent the tracks to my song to Joseph Rodriguez who sprinkled his magic on it and Propelled it into something fantastic.  A Great Big thank you to Jrodz!
Propel  featuring JRodz
06/04/17 09:10:55AM @ronbowes:
Great collab Avmo. Heard when you first uploaded it. Just a tad tardy in coming in to comment. Sorry about that. Top class track.
05/13/17 09:42:52AM @avmo:
Thanks @saturated, JRodz insisted that I do my own solos. I was not sure that my solos were living up to the billing, but JRodz decided it was...so I guess so :)
05/13/17 09:31:31AM @saturated:
Great collab! Jrodz is always great to work with! Super tight with lots of changes and they all fit just right.. playing is amazing as is the mix.. very prog!! Love the wah wah bits btw.. im very partial to a good wah solo. :)
05/11/17 05:40:03PM @avmo:
Thank you good people for all your kind words. JRodz sparkling production put this tune over the top. Thank you @gary-shukoski, @chris-moore, @fungus-dace-yates, @tricia-crawford and @carol-sue. Joseph, I would love to work with you again...got another one coming....;>)
Gary Shukoski
05/11/17 04:59:02PM @gary-shukoski:
Awesome! Love it! Cool changes and riffs throughout and great solo passages.
05/11/17 03:50:40PM @chris-moore:
Great guitar tones, and construction too. See myself out on an open highway somewhere, top down, wind in my (lack of) hair... Really like the changes in this, the short little interludes that drop in from time to time. Very nice work gents, I enjoyed that! Cheers, Chris
carol sue
05/10/17 11:48:43PM @carol-sue:
Awesome collab, guys! Wha~wha... woo~hoo~ love it! :)
05/10/17 07:58:39PM @josephrodz:
Thanks for letting me work with you.
05/10/17 07:19:45PM @avmo:
Check out my new Collaboration with Jrodz.


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