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I`m Bruised andI`m BatteredThe storm has raged onI know that I`m brokenBut time`s on my side I must healAnd get strongerLive past this painLook Forwardand...
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I would like to thank Dave Mosher for proving the drums to propel this song. I would also like to Thank Mike Boudreau for his "Spritual guidance"

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Tricia C
11/26/17 08:26:12PM @tricia-crawford:
So glad I am finally able to listen to some new tunes and I have been wanting to comment on this one indeed AvMo! Beautiful start and I agree the vocals and riffs are just a great touch! But everyone is
'broken' at times and the recovery is most definitely worth it (lyrics)!

11/18/17 09:39:23AM @avmo:
Remixed it to bring up the vocals a tad
11/16/17 08:06:56AM @avmo:
Thanks Toni....for those who are struggling...
Barefoot Music
11/16/17 02:40:38AM @barefoot-music-group:
Killer song Av on every level - especially the power vocals, perfectly emotive.
11/13/17 08:19:55PM @david-c-deal:
Those are some dark time lyrics for sure Avmo. Nice instrumentation with the guitars.
Barefoot Music
11/13/17 02:52:19AM @barefoot-music-group:
Beautiful intro to the vocals and the guitar riffs (santana-esque) so perfectly compliment the lyrics.


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