Streets of Barcelona

genre: Pop
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On The Streets of Barcelona Gaudi is everywhere La Sagrada Família throwing spirals in the air On The Streets of Barcelona Follow your dreams if you...
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Strangely enough it was my Portuguese Fado guitar that inspired the music about this Spanish City.
Streets of Barcelona
carol sue
11/15/18 08:38:39PM @carol-sue:
I can hear your positive inspirations!
Nicely done, AvMo! *****

Bamil Music
11/10/18 02:12:29PM @bamil:
Cheers my Friend 👍🔊🎶🎵🎶🎶
11/10/18 01:46:13PM @avmo:
Thanks @bamil....a long walk around town does that for you.
Bamil Music
11/10/18 01:40:56PM @bamil:
Sweet and very clean sound. Very much for a movie soundtrack with a bike ride scene. Good one, congrats!!!


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