Bad Ass Boots Band
Bad Ass Boots Band

Boogie On The Bayou

album: Single
genre: Americana
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BOOGIE ON THE BAYOU  –  © 2015 Martin H. Samuel       it was down in Louisiana where I met my sweet Marie 
it was love at first sight all right she sure...
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' Boogie On The Bayou '... boy meets girl in New Orleans toe-tapper with a catchy sing-along chorus and guaranteed dance floor filler. Co-written… by...
Boogie On The Bayou
Barefoot Music
09/19/16 05:51:29PM @barefoot-music-group:

Yep has me doing a boogie alright. We need more Bad Ass Boots tunes please. Spinning your Boogie this Sunday 9.28.2016 on Barefoot Rock n Blues- want more tunes to spin!

Barefoot Music
07/11/15 01:26:29PM @barefoot-music-group:
Need more tunes from you Bad Ass Boots
Farrell Jackson
02/27/15 10:42:02AM @farrell-jackson:
I heard this on one of the Mix DJ's show and it has such a party good time feel to it that it's hard not to like!
02/26/15 03:14:36PM @gene-smith:
Definitely a "get up and dance" tune right here! Can't wait to hear more.


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