~S E R P E N T I C A~

album: Mr. Black vol 1
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 103

  Song Lyrics
~S E R P E N T I C A~ Serpentica Cipher of my soul Since the first time I heard Hail, Hail Rock n Roll   Serpentica Lying in wait Slithering round...
  Song Information
~S E R P E N T I C A~ A song inspired by Chuck Berry, The Ramones, Sex Pistols and Iggy PopThe idea for the song came to me in a dream...How great is that?...
~S E R P E N T I C A~
02/11/19 12:36:24PM @ronbowes:
Heard this on the mix radio. Nice one BLJ. You are a consummate sonwriter!
tony cee
02/06/19 03:13:31PM @tony-cee:
fantastic song great vocals ,eric commented on this on the other side , well worth another listen,,cool stuff ,,,......tony cee
carol sue
02/06/19 08:10:58AM @carol-sue:
The song came to you in dream... that is so cool, Eric!
I'd be wanting to sleep more often when dreams inspire as so,lol!
Groovy tune by one very talented guy~ love the energy!
Awesome cover art, too! *****


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