Haunted By Circles

album: Haunted By Circles
genre: Pop Rock
streams: 32

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Written, Arranged, Engineered And Produced By Bamil Gutierrez Collado Sacred Healings Songs/ASCAP©2015 All Rights Reserved
Haunted By Circles
Bamil Music
10/09/17 08:04:53AM @bamil:
Thanks Hermano, but the full version is already here, Cheers 👍🎸🎶
Pete Jon Tebar
10/09/17 04:45:37AM @pete-tebar:
Como estas mi hermano. Ah, now I understand. This is a snippet of the full version. I thought something was wrong with the Sounds great Bamil, never short of a stellar performance. It's really good to hear your work on here. Congrats bro, thnx for sharing :)


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