The Sound Of The Crow

album: The Sound Of The Crow
genre: Pop Rock
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Written, Arranged, Engineered And Produced By Bamil Gutiérrez Collado (Sacred Healing Songs/ASCAP©2017 All Rights Reserved)
The Sound Of The Crow
Bamil Music
11/03/17 10:00:45PM @bamil:
Amen, hugs and love 4ever Fans 💖💋🎸🌞
4ever fans
11/03/17 04:36:24PM @4ever-fans:
Bamil, my favorite Crow in the World. Blessings!
Bamil Music
11/03/17 11:30:11AM @bamil:
Thanks so much Paul 👍🎸🎶
Paul rainbird
11/03/17 08:37:36AM @paul-rainbird:
Cool track!
Bamil Music
10/31/17 08:08:59AM @bamil:
Thanks so much Tricia for your review and comments. In the evolution we find our genuine being #iamthecrow hugs 🌞💞🎸🎧
Bamil Music
10/30/17 05:06:38AM @bamil:
Thanks my friend Shawn 👍🎸🎶
10/30/17 12:27:38AM @shawn-adam-williams:
Another one by Bamil! Keep it up!
Bamil Music
10/29/17 10:22:13PM @bamil:
Thanks so much Cheryl for always support my music. Best wishes for you always 💞🌹🎸🎶
10/29/17 10:17:15PM @cheryl-nye:
The Sound Of The Crow is an amazing song, Bamil! All your songs are superb! Continued success to you always! :) xoox
Bamil Music
10/28/17 10:30:23PM @bamil:
Thanks so much Bob for your comment and words 👍🎸🎶
Bamil Music
10/28/17 02:40:01PM @bamil:
Thanks so much Chris for your words, really deep appreciated. The Crow on this song is a real one recorded from where I live that there's a big community of them. Really came where we needed for the song. Thanks again for your words 👍🎸🎶
10/28/17 02:27:43PM @chris-moore:
This sounds like a classic track from the off, we'll once the crow stops anyway! Excellent structure, made me think of "Eye of the tiger" a lot but there are a lot of departures from that theme too. Nice chunky rhythm in the verse and the run-ups in the pre-chorus make a very effective hook. Very catchy track, Bamil. Well worth the wait! 👍


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