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Whisper_Helser & Kauffman *Demo Only*

album: n/a
genre: folk rock
streams: 56

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" Whispers"   When your lyin' awake in the middle of the night and hear whispers there's no-one beside you your alone in the dark and it hits you...
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Being a Mix member and DJ has come full circle for the wordsmith that I am, and with the incredible chops, generosity and patience I am being given the...
Whisper_Helser & Kauffman *Demo Only*
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06/04/18 07:03:18PM @barefoot-music-group:
Thank you Trish...I agree Ron nailed this song.
Barefoot Music
06/04/18 07:02:04PM @barefoot-music-group:
Thank you Dace
Barefoot Music
06/04/18 07:00:57PM @barefoot-music-group:
Ron you have such a marvelous way of lifting one's spirit with your words, part of that comes out in your music arrangements and your vocals, you express emotion in a genuinely believable way that drives home the lyrics.
What I'm learning from you is a wonderful addition to my learning curve.
I'm inspired, honored and grateful for you and our friendship.
Let's do this again. ❤

06/03/18 12:09:50PM @ron-kauffman:
Well Toni....I wanted to stop in and say what a great time I'm having writing with you. Just so everyone knows...tho its me performing this would never have been written or come to life without Toni. Turns out from across the country...writing with a beautiful person I've never met face to face...I've found a muse. Toni inspires me with herself and her dedication to music in general. She's selfless...humble...and very giving. Everyone who knows her loves her and it's my good fortune to have found a true human being to share music with. This is the first song of what I hope will be one of many to come. Peace and love Toni....👣🎼🎤🎧🎶💗


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