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Attention Listeners!! MixStock 2017 Invites You

By Barefoot Music, 2017-09-13
Attention Listeners!!  MixStock 2017 Invites You


Attention Mixstream Radio Listeners!

On Saturday, October 21, 2017 we are holding a very special marathon broadcast called MIXSTOCK 2017 where we will feature the return of many of our past DJ’s who volunteered their time and talents to make Mixstream Radio and the incredible independent music community that it is today! We already have commitments from many former greats from years gone by who will be returning to the airwaves to once again broadcast the very best in indie music available anywhere on the planet… and beyond. This Marathon Broadcast will begin at 5 p.m. est and go until 1:00 a.m. with our current DJ’s broadcasting in partnership with our former presenters of the Mixposure music catalog. I’m sure they’ll play many of their favorites from their broadcast days and will regale us with stories which are the essence of Mixstream Radio history. So circle this date on your calendar and be a part of this incredible broadcast and join us in our chat room! It’s gonna be a blast!

Barefoot Rock n Blues on Sundays

By Barefoot Music, 2017-08-27

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Pablo Camara

By Barefoot Music, 2017-04-11

A Few Words About Our Very Own Yvonne Jay

By Barefoot Music, 2017-02-11


When We Listen To Music Together

By Barefoot Music, 2016-12-30

An interesting read. One that seemingly addresses listening to music in a communal way such as we do each time we join the chatroom and listen to music as a group.

Barefot Rock n Blues Tonight!

By Barefoot Music, 2016-12-18
Barefot Rock n Blues Tonight!

Hello Mix family,

Please join me for a special dedication of tonight's show for our Mixster Sister Trisha Crawford. Trish is a staunch devoted member of this collective family we call Mixposure/Mixstream and my intent is to let her know how grateful we are that she is here with us.

Y'all know the time, the room, and where your chair is. Come on in and kick your shoes off and let's have a really good time.

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Barefoot Rock n Blues on Sundays Returns

By Barefoot Music, 2016-09-18

Barefoot Rock n Blues on Sundays Returns

My name is Toni Taylor-Helser, I'm a native Oregonian with a life-long passionate background in music and words (writing). My grandmother nick named me Barefoot Baroness because of my dislike for shoes or socks, the nickname remained into "adulthood" as does my distaste for shoes.

I've taken my literary and music passions into working as artist management in public relations; with a special fondness and passion for management and promotion in the independent music industry.

Having this fantastic platform at Mixposure and Mixstream radio to extend the promotion of Indie Artists is a treasure and I am deeply fond of being able to be one of the messengers to bring their music to your ears. 

Barefoot Rock n Blues shows will always be heavily infused with rocking blues that engage the string instrument lover inside you, just like myself. However, don't be surprised; any genre is fair game, If I like it, you'll likely hear it. Occasionally I will bring theme shows into the mix (pun intended) as well. Got an idea?

Sundays @ 8pm eastern 5pm PST .

Hope to have you join us in chat. 


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