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@Lady Dove, 10/19/18 05:49:27AM
Thank you for listening to "Losin' My Mind" and the lovely comments. I am honored you will be adding this song to your Blues playlist.
@mystirP, 11/26/16 07:58:14PM
Thanks for the kind word and am glad you enjoyed the Anticipation. It was a blast to put together. I was dancing all about my room while making it.

Mr. P
@Mark Neuhart, 12/13/15 07:13:28PM
Hello, and thanks for the music! ~ Mark :)
The Mark Neuhart Show
@Alison Reynolds, 04/14/15 10:06:13AM
Really love your versatility! Excellent playing. . great vocals!
@N. Parker, 10/02/14 03:13:30PM
Hi Barefoot. Just listened to your songs and want to compliment your skills. I'd give my right arm to play like (wait then I couldn't play anymore). I wanted to let you know I haven't been so moved by an instrumental piece in a very long time and I'm referring to 'The Road From Doniford'. Sweet acoustics, haunting melody, and your slides and perfect note bending make this one shine.
@2012 BC, 09/14/14 08:16:58AM
Thanks for your interest in our music.
@songdoc, 07/04/14 02:01:02PM
Thanks tons for the comments Toni
@vigwig, 03/13/14 11:59:18PM
Did you really leave such perfect wet foot-prints like in the picture?
@Madisonmusic, 09/29/13 05:00:33PM
Hi Toni - Thanks for following!