Bill Abernathy
Bill Abernathy

album: Find A Way
genre: Acoustic Rock
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VERSE 1 Across the vein of night There cuts a path of searing light Burning like a beacon On the edges of our sight At the point of total darkness And the...
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One of my favorite 12 string songs to play from Dan Fogelberg
Gary Shukoski
07/14/16 05:08:49AM @gary-shukoski:
Great cover sir! I am a long time fan of Fogelberg (especially the "Age Of Innocence" album) and heard this the other day while we were in chat. Congrats on the new CD coming out as well. I've actually begun an instrumental cover of another song off this same album (Ghosts) but who knows when I'll get the time to finish it...Have a good one man!


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