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This too shall pass

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I was watching the news for a few weeks now I was thinking about all the mix members in California. Got me thinking of my old internet music friends on...
This too shall pass
bill b
11/17/18 04:26:39PM @bill-b:
Thanks Farrell and I am happy that you have avoided the devastation.
I believe it is very hard to imagine unless one has experienced it. province of BC has had some very destructive wild fires this past few years as well. Take care.

Farrell Jackson
11/17/18 11:54:31AM @farrell-jackson:
A cool listen Bill...mellow and dreamy with a lot of ear candy. Fortunately I live in a rural area of Calif. that is not a heavy fire area. I do have friends that lost their houses and all belongings in The Camp Fire but escaped with their lives...a true devastation......


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