Billy Ray Pettit
Billy Ray Pettit
Billy Ray Pettit

Without You

album: Grievance
genre: Rock
streams: 226

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Without You (Verse1) Well I'm lying here, with my head on your pillow, thinkin back to the time when our love was young. How a hug and a kiss wasn't so long...
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My second marriage of 13 years and 3 kids was falling apart from drugs. Didn't see it then but as time went by, it was the main reason that kept us doing our...
Without You
Billy Ray Pettit
09/14/19 01:33:36PM @billy-ray-pettit:
Nice piece. Great personal song, nice vox and harmonies.

Thank you so very much!

09/14/19 01:31:45PM @freudian-slip:
Nice piece. Great personal song, nice vox and harmonies.
04/30/19 01:43:55AM @papi:
Congrats on song of the week. Heartbreaking background for the lyrics, but beauty often comes from pain. Very solid classic rock sound you got. I was reminded of Skid Row while listening to this. Keep rocking Billy :)
carol sue
03/25/19 07:46:21AM @carol-sue:
Congratulations~ Mixposure's Song of the week!
Love this tune.. so great you are!! :) ~Bravo!

tony cee
03/24/19 03:25:34PM @tony-cee:
superb song,billy love the lyrics , catchy chorus , nice guitar work ,...…..tony cee
Billy Ray Pettit
03/21/19 12:25:09PM @billy-ray-pettit:
Wow I have never been so great ful to have my song as song of the week! Very emotional moment for me. Thank you Mixposure and all it's members, I'm speechless.
Farrell Jackson
03/21/19 11:58:56AM @farrell-jackson:
A great song with some very heartfelt lyric.....nicely done. I can hear why it was selected as Mixposure's Song of the Week..... Congratulations Billy!


03/20/19 07:40:36AM @ocr-boys-bobby-g:
great track


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