Billy Ray Pettit
Billy Ray Pettit
Billy Ray Pettit


album: Grievance
genre: Rock
streams: 31

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Faith (Verse1) I just wanted you to know, for every song that I've wrote, that someday you'll make sense of all this, But will you still know?  The first...
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This song is about having something to believe in and having faith in it to be true. I’m not going to lie, at this time in my second marriage to Tammy, I put...
Billy Ray Pettit
05/16/19 03:09:59PM @billy-ray-pettit:
Thank you so much Tony!
tony cee
05/12/19 01:01:57PM @tony-cee:
love this billy ray , nice tune thumbs up from me ,cheers ,.......tony cee


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